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Dec 2 - SUPERID'S SUPER TRIVIA CONTEST Live, with Superid, Wednesday at 5:30 PM at the Greek Theater.
Dec 1 - Want to MEET THE MAKERS of Whyville? CHAT WITH CITY WORKERS in the Club Why Chat Room!
01:00 PM - Be the first to find the hidden words in a game of LETTER SQUASH at the Greek Theater!
12:00 AM - NOVEMBER LOG IN CHALLENGE! Log in as much as you can this month and you may get some PEARLS or a WHY-PASS as presents!
ALUMNI DAY PARTY! Come meet some of the oldest members of our community as we celebrate the return of WHYVILLE ALUMNI! The party starts at 3 PM!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Grab a turkey and 'share' it with your friends for a gobbling good time!
Speedy at simple math? Prove it during MATH EXPRESSIONS in the Greek Theater!

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Beach Scene
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 HR Candy Floss

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