Whyville's Educational Games
In Whyville, citizens earn a salary of "clams", our virtual currency, by participating in a wide range of educational games and activities. They include:

The Skater & Spin Game The Skater game teaches angular momentum, while challenging you to answer the question, "How do skaters get spinning so fast?" The Spin Game further extends the skater activity by addressing the issue of rotational axes and symmetries.
WhyReef WhyReef, sponsored by the Field Museum, is a virtual reef on Whyville's own beach! Just dive in and you can explore the reef and lean about the species that live inside.
Hot Air Balloon Race Sponsored by the University of Missouri, The Hot Air Balloon Race challenges you to navigate the altitudes and analyze vector fields to navigate a hot air balloon.
Whyville CDC WhyPox and the WhyFlu are infectious illnesses that periodically plague Whyville. Citizens investigate the parameters of the infections at the Whyville CDC.
The Getty Museum In Art Sets you learn the art concepts of subject and medium through a fast-action card The Getty game. The Art Treasure Hunt sends you in pursuit of art treasures all across the globe, Museum and through time and place.
WASA WASA is Whyville's own version of NASA. In the Zero Gravity Chamber, learn about angles and the principles of Newton's 3rd Law. In the Rocket Design Lab, simulate rockets to test parameters such as nozzle size and pay load. And in the Ion Engine Lab play 3 games that teach about electric charges and ion engines.
Dance Studio At Mimi's Dance Studio virtual dancers can lean dances and choreograph their own using vector arithmetic.