Whyville for Outreach
Whyville was launched in 1999 by Numedeon, Inc. to apply over 20 years of research in education and cooperative learning to develop new web-based tools for education.

Researchers have identified the middle school years as a time when children, especially girls, lose their interest in math and science. Studies suggest that exposure to engaging educational and in particular scientific activities during this critical period can substantially influence future academic and career choices. Whyville is our effort in making a difference.

Today, Whyville is almost 100% supported by our sponsors. What should you know about Whyville?
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  Whyville's millions of registered "citizens".
  Each month, Whyville is visited more than 2 million times.
  The average Whyvillian spends more than 3 hours per month engaged inside Whyville.
  60,000 new boys and girls register to become citizens every month.
  These citizens, also known as tweens, represent a very concentrated, tough-to-reach demographic, and these tweens are often the "information conduit" into the household.

For organizations with an educational outreach mission, Whyville represents an exciting and unique opportunity to connect with a concentrated population of tweens in an efficient way. Rather than traditional outreach methods like brochures and posters, lesson plans that teachers are too busy to use, or websites that nobody comes to, educational outreach on Whyville means custom integrated places, games, and activities that actually engage an audience to actively experience your organization's message.

We have developed educational outreach programs for NASA, the Getty Museum, University of Texas, School Nutrition Association, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and many others.

Intrigued about Whyville as a delivery mechanism for your organization's education outreach?

Contact us and we will work with you to design a custom Whyville experience that best suits your needs.