Whyville for Parents
Whyville was launched in 1999 as a virtual city for engaging young people in constructive educational activities while promoting socially responsible behavior. The citizens of Whyville interact with each other while participating in activities that range from science and math to art, civics, and economics. Examples include science simulations in angular momentum, art activities like designing your own avatar and visiting the Getty Museum, writing for the town newspaper, playing multiplayer games such as checkers, and treasure hunts that take you around the globe. Take a Whyville Tour
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Whyville was conceived based on the company's extensive research and practical experience in hands-on science education. Researchers have identified the middle school years as a time when children, especially girls, lose their interest in math and science. Studies suggest that exposure to engaging educational, and in particular scientific, activities during this critical period can substantially influence future academic and career choices.

Whyville is making a difference.