Whyville for Sponsors
Whyville is the leading education-focused virtual world for teens and pre-teens.

Becoming a Whyville sponsor gives you a unique opportunity to reach and engage tweens (girls and boys 8-15 years old). Whyville sponsors become "part" of the city. We integrate your organization's product, brand or message into destinations and activities inside Whyville. Sure, we can do the banner ad "thing," but there is so, so much more that we can do inside the virtual world of Whyville to promote your organization in an exciting way. Take a Whyville Tour
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Bottom line: Whyville is an extremely efficient way to reach the tween demographic, while providing sponsors the opportunity to do something truly creative leveraging the Internet.

Whyville exceeds all standards established by COPPA.

Quick Facts on Whyville

  More than 5 million registered citizens.
  Each month, more than 2 million visits are made to Whyville.
  The average, citizens spends more than 30+ minutes per visit in Whyville.
  About 60,000 new boys and girls register as citizens every month.
  This population of tweens represents a concentrated, tough-to-reach demographic.

When it comes to working with sponsors, we can roll up our creative sleeves as much as you require. Banner ads and billboards? Sure, we can do that. We can also run market research programs (using a suite of proprietary tools), build out branded venues and activities, create customized adver-games that "reside" inside Whyville, and much more. We encourage you to give us a call, and find out what all the buzz is about. We are taking the training wheels off of the Internet!

Whyville is almost 100% supported by sponsors. Our sponsors include:


AbilityFirst and the Grace Foundation
Adobe Systems
The J. Paul Getty Trust
Sun Microsystems
University of Texas