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Itty Bitty Results

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Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's contest! I thought Itty Bitty was lot's of fun and I'll surely come up with some new editions every now and then. Lot's of people were involved, I heard several of the comments around Whyville. Surprisingly, it took a while to produce a winner, but we got there.

And the winner is . . . cbeatles! Be sure to congratulate her if your paths cross. As promised, my checkbook has awarded her 10,000 clams for identifying every image correctly. Also, be sure to congratulate Carlphish, if you see him, for being a top achiever as well.

Now, the answers. What I found particularly interesting is that most people could find all but a few images, but the images in question were usually different from person to person. Great job to everyone for keeping your findings to yourself and participating so appropriately! The answers are as follows:

1. This cat was found peering into Grandma's fish tank.

2. The door seen from the inside of the Warp Wagon.

3. Bicycle found in the Fit Zone.

4. Door to Dr. Leila's house.

5. Arched window, inside of Dr. Leila's house.

6. Senate Platforms, found inside the Poll Booth.

7. Statue from the Bankinter courtyard, seen from inside the Bankinter lobby.

8. Water slide, found at the Pool Party.

9. Chair, also found at the Pool Party.

10. Architecture/faux rocket machinery, WASA.

11. Icicle accumulation, Bazaar.

12. Land Office Window, Myville.

13. Union, American flag, the Moon.

14. Fresh newspaper, conveyor belt, the Newspaper.

15. Mobile emblem, Ability First Rec Room.

16. Curtain tie, City Hall Auditorium.

And there you have it! One last congrats to cbeatles, and good luck on any future contests!



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