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How to Operate the Shopping Cart

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Dear Shopper: The shopping cart you are about to operate has been carefully constructed to provide you with premium mobility, maximum capacity, and a convenient shopping experience. After reading these instructions, you will find that our shopping cart is easy to use and requires little to no effort.

When walking into our supermarket, you'll notice that the shopping carts are lined up to your left. Note that the carts are connected to each other - this ensures organization in our supermarket. To detach one shopping cart from another, place hands on handlebar of shopping cart of your choice. Then take right foot and place on the bottom of shopping cart. Firmly push your foot on the shopping cart while pulling hard on handlebar. Begin to reverse the cart so that it is separated from the others. You have now detached your shopping cart.

You are now ready to begin driving your cart. Keep in mind that there are other shoppers around you and it is necessary that you drive at a slow and steady space. CAUTION: You may see some shoppers pretending that their shopping cart is a scooter and may ask to race you down the aisles. This is an act of vandalism and violates our supermarket's Code of Conduct. PROSECUTORS WILL BE SEVERELY PUNISHED!

When wanting to turn into an aisle, remember to signal your hand in the direction that you will be turning your cart. This alerts shoppers behind you and prevents accidents. After signaling, use one hand to firmly push cart and use other hand to pull cart in direction that you want to turn. After turning into an aisle, BEAWARE OF LONE CARTS. If you are pushing your cart too hard after turning, you may lose control and crash into a lone cart or shopper, ruining their shopping experience. To prevent this, please remember to slow down after turning into aisle.

Browsing with your shopping cart is allowed with a few exceptions: 1. Go at convenient pace for others. 2. DO NOT stop or leave shopping cart in middle of aisle. 3. DO NOT suddenly stop when seeing something you want. There may be other browsers around you who are unaware of your abrupt stop. To STOP: signal with hand, slow down cart with other hand, pull over to side, stop cart with right foot.

We prefer shoppers to follow "the route," which begins at entrance, goes through all aisles, and ends at checkout. This allows for a much smoother shopping experience. There's no set speed for shopping carts; however, you should adjust to the other shoppers around you and follow their pace.

When arriving at checkout, slowly approach the line you wish to go in. When going into checkout stall, pull in slow and be careful not to bump into the magazine shelf on your right. When cart is at full stop, unload groceries onto conveyer belt, pay, load up grocery bag(s), pull out cautiously - looking both ways when exiting checkout stall, and drive towards the exit.

We would appreciate you not leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot, especially if it is blocking a parking spot. This creates an inconvenience for our staff and other shoppers. Gladly roll your cart into the enclosed stall that reads, "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT LEAVING YOUR SHOPPING CART IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT, ESPECIALLY IN A PARKING SPOT - LEAVE IT HERE!"

You have now completed the instructions on "How to Operate the Shopping Cart." We hope that we have provided you with a simple and easy way to use the shopping cart - but we understand if it takes you a few tries. Shopping carts can be tricky, but when used correctly they can enhance your shopping experience. We are not forcing you to use the shopping cart, but rather encouraging you to do so. Of course, if you chose not to use the shopping cart to enhance your shopping experience, we will not question your decision. For more assistance on how to use a shopping cart, please go to our website at http://www.shoppingcartsfordumbiess.com. Happy shopping!


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