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Easy Clams

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Howdy. It's 4:24 AM while I write this on Saturday morning, I can't sit still 'cause I had a Mountain Dew, and I feel like giving out clams for almost nothing! So do you want to win some clams today? Yes? Then you probably need some, so you should play my game. If you are still reading this paragraph instead of scrolling down to the picture then good for you, because this is where the details are. You can play a game and win clams for it. Read on, yo.

What you are playing: Find the Phony City Workers.

How to play it: Look at the picture below and find the fake City Workers. Once you figured out who are the real City Workers and who are the fake ones y-mail me (ooooopppp, that's five O's four P's) the numbers next to the fake City Workers and the numbers next to the real ones. The y-mail should look something like, "I think numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 are the phony City Workers. And numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 are the real City Workers."

Why you are playing: Because you want to be one of the first 11 people to win. The first person to find all of the fake City Workers without saying any of the real ones are fake will win 7,500 clams. The second person to win will get 2,500. The other 9 people will win 300 clams, and an apology for getting only 300 clams.

Now find those phonies!

Hey, if you want to win 12,500 more clams, name everyone in that picture. =) Good luck on that, yo.

Author's Note: Ooooopppp cannot be held responsible for anyone who was burned, struck by lighting, or teleported to another dimension by hitting the backspace button while reading this article. These things SHOULD NOT happen, but, just in case, I'm just saying, it's not my fault . . .


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