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Jim: Part 5

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"I never thought I would be so glad as to see them," said I in the previous article, and you all asked yourselves, "Okay, who are these people that come?" Well, I'll tell you now. The Whyvillians that came to my aide were, (as they call themselves) "The BBSers Of Doom!"

Before I could so much as utter a word, everything went dark. Someone must have pulled the plug on the electricity . . . well, anyways there were 12 of us, and one Jim.

Jim disappeared just as suddenly as he arrived and left us fumbling around in the dark trying to find a way out.

Well, with some random other set of eyes there, you can say we ran out of there as fast as we could. We had to drag MeetTerry out of there, he kept going on about how he needed a "Jay Leno 1" from Grandma, and pinky783 wanted the 5 clams Grandma owed her . . .

Well, once ALL of us FINALLY got out of there, Jim was no where to be found. We had to go on a hunt. We searched high and low, low and high, but Jim was no where to be found.

All this searching seemed hopeless. Whyville was a big place, how could we ever find Jim, he could be anywhere. But then we heard a cry coming from the pool. We all rushed to the pool just in time to see the Twister Fish, swallow Jim whole.

So, Jim was swallowed whole, and that was the end of him, forever. Everyone rejoiced, and Whyville is now a safer place.

The End.


Author's Note: Thanks to: MsPacman1, rairai21, katie2324, natnat10, singel12, MeetTerry, pinky783, PureLies, kandy334, jadenman, and allyally6.


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