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Margot and the Nuclear So & So

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Author's Note: Make sure that the music you listen to is okay with your parents. This band is not that bad but there are a few songs that are not appropriate for a young audience.

I really enjoy music to the extent that it's almost an obsession to find the best of the best. I don't necessarily look for the new music; I tend to go for the hidden gems that hardly anyone listens to. That is why my best friend and I are a perfect match. We love the same music, in general. And we have the most eccentric taste in the world. So, from the magical world of the Internet I have found Margot and the Nuclear So and So. They are my new favorite.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So are from Indiana. There are many rumors as to why they are named as such. But one of the singers of the band once said that their band is named after his daughter (he doesn't have a daughter.) And his fascination with the way president George W. Bush pronounces "nuclear". Although I wish this to be true, it is not the case. They named there band after the ever popular movie "The Royal Tenebaums", where Gwyneth Paltrow plays Margot. You cant pinpoint a particular genre to this band because they have aspects of bands such as Arcade Fire, The Decemberists, and The Shins. But then they surprise you with tastes of singer/songwriter styles. They are truly unique and I have never heard anything like this.

Now that you have the basics, let's meet the band. Richard Edwards is the brilliant voice and guitarist of the group. Andy Fry is a guitarist among other things. Brian Deck is the drummer. Hubert Glover is trumpet. Casey Tennis is percussionist. Emily Watkins has a voice like butter and she also plays keys. Tyler Watkins is a beast on bass. And last but not least, Erik Kang plays violin and lap steel. There has been a lot of people changes from album to album though.

The band was created in a pet store, believe it or not. It was created by Andy Fry and Edwards. They struck up a friendship and decided to create a band. They were originally signed to Standard Recording Company, an indie company. Their first record is The Dust of Retreat which was re-released in 2006 on Artemis Records. Artemis Records also has a contract with Moby, another of my favorites. Animal! and Not Animal! were released in 2008 on Epic Records. Five songs that are the same appear on both releases, but the band wants fans to listen to Animal first and then on to Not Animal. In live shows the band has been playing songs from their yet-to-be-recorded album. A recent poll on the bands myspace shows that the most likely name for the new album will be "Now, Let's Risk Our Feathers".

Random Facts:

Edwards and Emily Watkins went to prom together.
All the album artwork is painted by Stacy Novak.
Their songs were featured in episodes of One Tree Hill and Bones.
Audrina of "The Hills" mentioned Margot and the Nuclear So and So on "The Daily Ten".
It's fun to shorten their name to Margot and the Nukes.

Songs That I Recommend:

"The Ocean (Is Bleeding Salt)"
"Skeleton Key"
"Dress Me Like a Clown"

Have fun listening to this amazing band that I adore so much!


Author's Note: Sources: www.margotandthenuclearsoandsos.com


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