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by Rexyp1
Guest Writer

A Different Life: Part One

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I didn't ask to be different; I was just born that way. No, I'm not a human that has webbed feet, ingrown toenails, or even has a frog in her hair. (I'm pretty close though!) I have powers.

But, I'm different than the other people my kind because I have two, yes count them, two different powers: mind reading and seeing the future. We call ourselves the "Special People". The only "Special People" I know of are me (of course) and Mr. Charlie Pickens.

Charlie is my best friend, because he's just like me, different. We have everything in common, expect our powers, and he's way, way, way older than me. His powers are shape-shifting and the ability to put things in people's minds. For example, Charlie can make my mother un-ground me a week early! If you ask me, that's better than my powers. How does Charlie get into my house as an old man? Answer: he doesn't. His power, shape-shifting, can make him into a girl my age, twelve.

"Sadie! Come down for dinner now, and tell Charlene that she needs to go home now!" my mother calls from the kitchen.

"Yes, Mother," I call back then whisper to "Charlene", "Charlie, you need to go home now to your old self."

"See you tonight Sadie. Meet me at the old courtyard on Lava Street."


I go downstairs to the kitchen skipping steps along the way.

"Hi Mother, and Dad," I said while I pushed my chair in.

"How was school today, Pumpkin?" asked Dad.

"Good. I learned how to divide fractions!"

I already knew how to divide fractions, because I'm a "Special Person", so I know everything. My parents don't even know I have powers, or that Charlene is really a guy that's like a hundred years old.

"What did you and Charlene did today in your room?" asked Mom while she served me some pasta.

"The regular stuff, you know, looking at magazines." I lied. We really didn't do that, I helped Charlie plan a sweet sixteen party for Olivia Maya Santos, who I don't know, but am going to meet tonight.

"Cool, Sadie."

"Yeah, do you mind if I eat now?"

"Oh, go ahead, sorry if I kept you waiting."

Bring Bring Bring, the phone rang.

"I got it!" I yelled. I pushed my chair out and ran towards the phone.

"Hello? Hagen residence. Sadie Hagen speaking."

"Sadie! Thanks goodness you answered! I'm not in my "your best friend form". Come to the old graveyard now! It's an emergency!" Charlie exclaimed.

"Charlene, I don't know if I can. I'm eating dinner right now."

"Sadie, you have to come now!"


Then, Charlie/Charlene told me what happened, which I turned red as a tomato from.

"Sadie Grace Hagen! What's the matter?!?" my parents asked me in a very loud way.

I gulped, "Char-char-Charlene is in trouble, and I don't know why."

Author's Note: Just to let all the Whyvillians know, this is one of my first magical powers stories. So, give me a break. I plan on writing more parts to it soon!


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