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Name Those City Workers

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Why hello to all you game seekers out there on this lovely day. I have a game for you play, and hopefully there will be a winner. This game is not difficult, for all you have to know is your City Workers. Considering there have been several City Worker guessing games in the Times lately, this shouldn't be difficult. I mean, we're all a part of this lovely Whyville. So we should all know our beloved City Workers. Well now, let me educate you on this game.

All you have to do is guess the names of the following City Workers. Sounds easy right? Ironically this time, you ARE right. Below, are 15 pictures of popular City Workers, and "your fellow citizen". This is simple enough, I believe. The first 3 people to y-mail me all the correct usernames of the City Workers will receive 1000 clams. However, the first person to also send me the name of the mysterious (and rude) #16, will receive an extra 500 clams. So, here are the pictures:

Well isn't #16 the friendly type. Well, good luck to everyone who guesses! And I will also give the first 10 people to y-mail me 1 hint on one City Worker they are stuck on. I will not give you a hint on #16 though, for it is already easy, and I already gave you a hint. (He is your fellow citizen) So start figuring out those City Workers! Time's-a-tickin'!

This is KirsKooki, off to . . . NO GRANDMA! I do NOT want more Mexican jumping beans!


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