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As you may have noticed, this issue of the Times is called the Birthday Double Issue. Whose birthday, you ask?

Whyville's, of course! This coming week, on March 4, Whyville turns 3 years old!

To commemorate this event, City Hall has announced a special promotion. Starting on Whyville's 3rd birthday, you'll be able to buy 3-months worth of Why-Passes for just \$3 each month. That's only \$9 total, instead of \$14.85 (\$4.95*3). This special birthday promotion will last through the month of March, which just so happens to be the 3rd month of the year.

We hope that this promotion will allow more citizens than ever to come to Whyville without waiting and to help Whyville move into its 4th year stronger than ever.

The past 3 years have been amazing. We've grown from a small village to a huge city. We've survived the Great Blackout as well as funding problems and came out better than ever. And now, as you all know, we're facing the first disease Whyville's ever had, the Why-Pox.

Will we beat the pox? Is the epidemic ever going to end? Citizen epidemiologists have been hard at work with their analyses. The CDC just announced that enough data has finally been gathered for predictions to be made. Please come and join the effort! Participating at the CDC can increase your salary by as much as 5 clams. Even better, you can enter the Why-Pox Contest and win a free Why-Pass! What are you waiting for? Visit the CDC right away!

Here's wishing a happy birthday to the great town of Whyville!

Times Editor



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