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Friday, March the 1st, 2002

Dear citizen,

I am writing you a letter today, not out of boredom as many of my articles are written, but out of concern. I am concerned not only for myself, but also for the people of Whyville. These may be people I know, and the ones I do not know.

It makes over two years now that the Whyville blackout has occurred (click here for citizens' descriptions of the experience). In 1999 we were nominated for an award in the US, an award that had been won by major sites such as Yahoo! Today, we have many things happening in Whyville. The past is still with us: not all the things that happen on Whyville are good.

I will not ask you to do anything for me, because that would be a selfish reason for things to change in Whyville. Instead, I ask you to do it for yourself.

What do I mean?

Please respect the fact that there are children as young as seven or eight years old on this site and that they do not need to be taught the wrong message in life. Isn't the world bad enough already?

Please take the time to look at the positive things on Whyville, not always the negatives. We must thank all the people who work for us to be able to do this, not complain when something is not to your liking.

Please accept people for who they are. In the words of Crumple, who has been a major inspiration for me, "Aren't we all a little tired of being clones?" Be yourself, it won't matter what someone who doesn't know you thinks of you. When you are old and fat will you remember being a clone, or be proud of how you stood out.

Please make your opinions heard. Do not sit in the shadows, because change is the first step towards improvement. But, please do not criticize, suggest, and do it politely, not in a whiny little voice.

And thank you, citizen, for giving everyone here a chance to hang out and relax. Although Whyville can be as dangerous as any chat room if misused, it is also the chance to meet great people, and it keeps us busy.

Thank you for your time. It means the world to someone, if we accept them for whom they are. It means the world to women who are not treated as objects, but as people with feelings. It means the world to black people who never feel freedom in their society, but here they are truly themselves. Thank you.

Yours truly,



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