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What Has Whyville Become?

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What Has Whyville Become?

Guest Writer

Hey Whyville! This is my first article I have ever written, so please don't laugh at it! (LoL).

Well, I would like to talk to you about something that has been bothering me lately. No, it's not about Newbies vs. Oldbies, (thank goodness! I'm tired of all the bickering that has been going on due to that subject), but it's about something that concerns me a lot.

As most of us know, Whyville was generally created to learn about science and other educational things. Well, I myself would like to ask a question. What happened to the educational part of Whyville? Why is it that most people who come on Whyville strictly come on to chat? It's crazy!

Well, most people think science is pretty boring. I won't argue with that one! But if City Hall wants everyone to buy Why-Passes, and if she wants everyone to show their parents around Whyville, why have so many chat rooms? I mean, kids tell their parents that Whyville is so educational, and that it teaches us about science. Why do we tell our parents that? So many of us only come on to chat, pretty much, so maybe us Whyvillians shouldn't tell our parents that its education-related. Don't get me wrong, I love Whyville, and I love to chat on Whyville! But what has Whyville become?

I feel like things are going so slowly on here. I feel like the only thing to do in Whyville is chat and go shopping! Why doesn't Whyville create something new instead of, let's say, another chat room!

Well, most of you who read this will probably just send me angry Why-mails and stuff like that, but I am merely stating my opinion. I'm not saying I don't love Whyville, because that would be a lie! Whyville is really my second life, and I want it to be as wonderful as possible.

Thank you all very much for reading this. Please y-mail me your opinions and ideas because I would love to hear from you all.

This is Pinelope, signing off....


Note from City Hall: Thank you, Pinelope, for your thoughts. We really do want to hear everyone's feelings and ideas, not just the ones that agree with us all the time!

I hope you agree that the Center for Disease Control and the Why-Pox has been an exciting addition to Whyville and has increased our educational content. Believe you me, we at City Hall would love to spend all our time doing cooler and cooler educational games like the Why-Pox!

The truth is, the less have to worry about money issues like finding sponsors (a tough hunt, and tougher in the "new" economy) and encouraging everyone that Why-Passes are the solution, not the problem, the more new games and activities you'll see cropping up. Indeed, it's only because Why-Passes are growing in success that we were able to spend the time developing the Why-Pox. The more successful Why-Passes are, the more games you'll see, I promise you that!

The number one thing I promise, though, is that we have not given up on education -- learning comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and we here at Whyville strive to bring every kind of learning we can to you, our citizens.

Thanks for your commitment to Whyville, Pinelope and everyone.

City Hall



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