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More on E Coli

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I hope that this doesn't offend anyone as all of my previous articles have. Yes, it is I, lowly BabyPowdr. *Glares* Keep quiet you, do not contradict moi.

E coli broke out in Walkerton on September 3rd, 1999. It was horrible, so please don't think, "Oh, the water was bad, so what?" It's more than that. Especially for us.

You have no idea what that was like. It was just horrible. You couldn't bathe, drink the water, use the water, everything had to be bottled. If you've ever bought a bottle of water, you know it's not cheap.

Think about it. How much water do you use? A lot. Imagine having to pay for every 135ml you use. When Weskate came, think of all those skaters, thristy, yet they couldn't use the fountains. I personally drank 9 bottles of water and 6 cans of juice. You couldn't eat at restraunts, you got your water at Tim Horton's donuts, and the homemade things from local stores.

You can't even begin to imagine the hardship. It was just plain horrid. I don't even live in Walkerton, I'm 45 minutes away, but I was there that year for Weskate, and it was so hard. Skating four straight minutes, but yet no free water, and my friend's cousins lived in Walkerton.

Thank you, I just wanted to make it clear why Diesel (in her article last week) was saying what she was.

.: BabyPowdr:.
A Canadian


Note from the Editor: Thank you, BabyPowdr! I hope everyone realizes that E coli can cause very serious illness and is not something to take lightly. Thanks to Diesel and BabyPowdr for bringing the outbreak in Walkerton to our attention! For more info on E coli and what it does, check out these two links:



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