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Good Evening, Watson

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Good Evening, Watson

Times Writer

Good evening Watson-ah,Whyvillians. It's been a very disturbing couple of weeks, hasn't it? Yes, indeed it has. What's disturbing? Well, I do say, I can't believe you don't know.

I'm pondering like all of you hopefully are...

WHAT is WhyPox?
WHERE did it come from?
WHO got it first?
WHAT happens when you get it
WHEN did it begin?
WHY is it spreading?
HOW did it start?
HAVE I gotten it?

I can answer only some, honestly, Watson-ah, Whyvillians...

WHAT: A very disturbing rash that makes you go ACHOO against your will. I swear, some things are so rude!
WHERE: I think a breeze....
WHO: I have no idea! Times Editor, City Hall, maybe you could help me out on this one? Please?
WHAT: Your face looks verrry weird, very, um, rashishing as opposed to ravishing.
WHEN: Approximately a week ago, the first cases were diagnosed.
WHY: All I can say is, obviously it's contagious.
HOW: I'm not sure.
HAVE: As I'm writing this, I have not gotten it yet, thank the heavens.

Citizens and yes, Watson, City Hall desperately needs your help in fighting this infectious disease. If you know anything or can do even the slightest thing visit the Whyville Disease Center. That's CDC!

Thank you and goodnight, fellow citizens and Watson.

Sherlock Amanda

P.S. Know that if you get it on Whyville, that does not mean you will encounter it in reality.



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