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Today I decided to do it how I like it.

Before this day, I'd look on at others and study their outfits. Then I'd try to dress like them -- I would copy everyone else and try to catch up with the flow of style. Before this day, I would attempt to adapt my art to the liking of people. I would make my writing about what was "in". I wouldn't make those choices for myself. I wouldn't truly portray who I am.

But now? No more.

I'm sick and tired of doing the same as other people. Now I feel dull and distasteful; I have a lack of creativity. I'm afraid to step out and be myself. Whether or not I fear it, I'm determined -- I am not going to hope for other people to like me. If someone truly enjoyed my company, they'd like me for who I am. I'm forcing myself to no longer follow those stupid cliches that everyone calls trends. They're more like fads, something that's around for, maximum, two years. On average, it's a couple months. I don't want to scrabble and slip and run, desperate to catch up with the recent clothes. I want to choose what I want to wear.

My life is my time to shine. I'm like a shooting star, able to only be alive for a few moments in this vast sky of a life. I'm not going to go the same direction as everyone else. I'm going to go the different way. I'm like a fish in a school, swimming the opposite current.

How did I get to this conclusion?

I was inspired. I was inspired by someone who everyone would make fun of. They would make fun of her out-of-style clothing. She could have went out and cried in a corner. She could have come back the next day with the clothes that everyone else wears. Every day I'd watch her, wondering how she stood up strong. She was like a hard stone wall, not moving from her position despite the missles being launched and the enemies attempting to destroy her. To make her crumble and crumple to the ground, weeping. But she didn't. Day after day after day, I would see her, proudly displaying her own choice of wear.

Thank you, because you have changed me. You probably don't even know it, but you did something major in my life.

So now? Before I was that way. Today, I'm this way. And I'm not going to change because others want me to. I'll be myself.

I'll shine.


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