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The Pixie Sisters' Rise to Stardom: Part One

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Note from the Authors: Hey there, it's Lindsey and Alyssa! This is our first comic, Lindsey's first collaboration, and Alyssa's first article! Hope you enjoy the crazy adventures the two sisters will run into later in the series!

Once upon a time, two sisters, Raz and Mimi, were frolicking in the flowers of Pixie Forest. All of a sudden, Raz announced that she didn't want to stay at Pixie Forest anymore. Mimi wasn't surprised. Raz always had dreamt of the wildest things.

But when Mimi asked what she was talking about, Raz knew very well where her and sister must venture. Hollywood! She had heard all about it. It was a city filled with people, it even had it's own sign! And all the famous people went there. It was where fame and fortune had begun. But Mimi hadn't heard of it, and instead, was very confused as her sister pondered about how to get to this Wood of Holly.

Then, all of a sudden with a poof!, an ugly, green, floating, woman thing sat on a magic stick with twigs at the end throwing a piece of paper at the two. "Be careful!" she called as she flew back into the sky, over the mountains.

Mimi and Raz unfolded the map and saw all sorts of things on it . . . And at the end, in big letters, was 'HOLLYWOOD'. "It's real!" cried Raz, clapping her hands.

And, with that, the two pixie sisters set off on a life changing journey to get to Hollywood.

Will they make it? Will Mimi find out what Hollywood is? Will Raz figure out where the sign went? Did the witch learn the concept of personal hygiene? How did she get onto that magic floating stick? Why is it magic? Will I stop asking all these questions?

Find out all of these and more next week, when "The Pixie Sisters' Rise to Stardom" continues.

-Lindsey and Alyssa


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