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Most girls I know around my age love to put on makeup. It hides who they really are, and makes them look better. Well, that's what they think. If they'd take the time to research what they're putting on their face, they would really be surprised. Most girls don't really know how bad makeup is for you, and if they do, they really don't care, which is a bad thing. But would you care? Hello, this is Nateenka, signing in.

Makeup is an extremely common thing for young and old girls to wear. Not realizing it, they're endangering themselves. Yes, endangering themselves. You see, the makeup that most people use is filled with carcinogens. What are carcinogens, you ask? Well, they're chemicals that, when applied to the human body, are carcinogenic, basically meaning, cancer causing. Sure, people have heard of these things, but don't really care. They'd rather look good than be healthy.

Most makeup companies don't even put the ingredients on the packaging of their products. If you do happen to find some makeup that has ingredients on it, take the time to look and see what is really in the makeup. I guarantee you that there will be words so long, it will take you forever to figure out how to pronounce it! Eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, even lip gloss, are all bad for you. They really are.

When you put the makeup on, your skin naturally absorbs it, and lets the makeup go further into your body. If it reaches your bloodstream, this can help cause cancer, depending on the chemicals that are released. The sad thing is, most girls don't want to stop using it, because they believe they look ugly without it. Now, they are probably thinking this, because over time, the more makeup you use, the more your skin starts to become wrinkly, old, and yucky looking. It's a sad fact that more people don't know this.

Did you know that most black mascaras are made out of bat droppings? Yes, you heard right. Guano is used to make black mascara, along with a mixture of crude oil, and other disgusting ingredients. I wonder about all the other makeup out there . . .

The truth is makeup is actually made out of gross, carcinogenic chemicals, that don't do you any good. I don't see why pretty girls must wear make up . . . You sure don't look healthy when you wear it. So called "ugly girls" are much much healthier than the "pretty girls" that wear make up. Although, to me, there's no such thing as an ugly girl. Girls are all beautiful in their own way. Looks don't matter. So please, reconsider makeup. Don't wear it as often, or stop using it, and if someone says you're ugly, don't ever believe them, because any girl that doesn't wear makeup is just as pretty as one that does.

Remember to think about what you put on your face; be sure to always have an open mind. If you must wear makeup, buy some organic makeup or something that doesn't contain harsh chemicals. You'll always be pretty, even if you do or do not wear makeup! :) This is Nateenka, signing off.


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