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You're All Beautiful

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Welcome to my mini-column. It's going to be about two parts, possibly three, depending on their length. Enjoy!

From when you were little, your parents drilled concepts into your head.

"Respect your elders!" "Do as you're told!" "Don't do that!"

Well did your parents drill the concept of being successful into your skull?

Most of you will answer, 'Yes'. But do you know the real meaning of success? Do you know that being successful can happen with only yourself? You just need a little push.

And guess what I'm trying to do for you, ladies? I'm pushing you. Now before you tell me I am assaulting you (because some of you are just mean like that), think about where I'm pushing you. I'm trying to give you a hard shove in the right direction. How many of you had your first boyfriend before you were fifteen? A good majority, yes? Now think back on your first boyfriend. Did you honest to God need him to breathe? And don't you dare act like Isabella Swan and tell me "Yes!". Just don't. I don't want it.

Because ladies and gentlemen, you're all beautiful inside. Don't yell at me for calling men "beautiful". Because even they deserve a compliment now and then. Everyone has feelings. Men are told from young ages to man up and to suck it up and deal with it.

Get emotional and feel something, don't be ashamed. However, I would rather not have to deal with a 16 year old crying because he lost a video game, but just show your feelings now and then. We will understand, we have them too.

Now I'm directing the rest of this to the young women out there.

You are all gorgeous. All of you. No matter what your skin tone, eye color or shape, or hair color, you are a beautiful young lady. Please act like it.

Most of you have heard of Jessi Slaughter, the eleven year old girl who has the mouth of a trucker. Please avoid acting like that at all costs! You can draw attention to yourself in positive ways, ladies.

For starters, don't dress provocatively when you're not a legal adult. If you're going to act like that, at least do it when men are not going to go to jail for trying to make a pass at you. Nobody needs to go to jail over you acting disgusting, honey. Cover up! There's no need to attract attention to yourself like that, not when you should be considering school.

Don't be desperate, girls. Men love the independent girl, the one who has her eyes on being successful and not on a mirror or a man. That is the girl that every boy wants! She's hard to get, she's a challenge, and believe me when I say that people love a challenge. If you have low self esteem, and you cannot love yourself, nobody else can, either.

Look at all of the songs about independent women. There is a reason they're there! Yes there are songs about drinking and drugs, but seriously, let's skip over those. You're not going to have a lifelong career by doing hardcore drugs and being an alcoholic. And you're certainly not going to get anywhere just because you have a boyfriend.

Stop watching so much TV and look at the real world. I can guarantee you that most men do not want the ditsy girl who can't even take care of herself to take care of their children.

Because look at it this way: Say you're hiring a babysitter for your 5 month old. Babysitter A is in high school with a GPA of 4.0 and is graduating. Babysitter B is a high school dropout and does not know how to change a diaper. Who are you going to hire? Babysitter A, I hope. If you chose B, I pray that you do not intend on having children. And yes, I do mean that.

And if you feel like you have to dress provocatively to be "sexy", why don't you find a style that looks good and doesn't show off all of your UNDERAGE goods? Would you feel comfortable with someone old enough to be your grandfather staring at you? If so, I really do hope you are seeing a psychiatrist because your issue is worse than we thought . . .

Back to my point. Girls, you don't need a man to be successful. What you need is your head and a goal. You wanna be a billionaire? I wish you luck! Go to school, get a degree in a money making field, and go live your life! Believe me, honey, success is definitely attractive. Intelligence? Oh God yes! Don't you love it when a man has self respect, is a gentleman, and he's smart and is bound to make something of his life? I know I do, and you should, too.

Don't lower yourself to get a boyfriend. You have your whole life ahead of you and my God you are going to go far if you just pay attention to school until you get into college.

A man is not going to make you successful. Only you have that ability. You make or break yourself, nobody decides what you are going to do with your life but you.

I hope you're enjoying my little shove, ladies. I will possibly have a fashion article up about cute styles that don't flash the world next edition. Let me know if you want to see it!

XoXo, Monet1616


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