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I have always loved to read. I feel that it has made a difference in my life and in the things I write. I have read countless Times articles. Just a month ago I decided to read little bits of the Times in order every Sunday before the paper came out. I am no where close to being done, but I will write something on that subject alone when I read all of the editions. Today I am writing about three Times Writers who have inspired me.


This writer has been around in the Times since 2001 with her first article ?Merry What???? She is one of the only writers around to be classified as a Veteran Writer with her 166 articles and counting. To be a veteran you have had to write 100 articles in every main part of the Times. With 166 articles that must have happened a long time ago. She is also seen around on the BBS and makes parts around Whyville. Giggler has an impressive salary of 300 clams and owns her own house.

She inspires me because every article she has written has kept me hooked from the title to the ending signature. Last week she came out with her first article since '09 called "The Great Washroom Experience." Writing since '01 and still sending in articles this long is a great commitment. I award you.


Holiday50 is a Times Writer that I like to think of as a comeback writer. Her first article was "The Ad Agency" written in '05. Her second article was written almost two years later. Writing over 100 articles she is almost a Veteran Writer. She is 18 so she is not all into Whyville anymore. In '08 she was very active. She has 4 scions and a salary of 251.

She normally doesn't write too much, but last week she wrote "Growing Up" about being 18. Starting writing at age 13 and not picking it up again until 15 she has done a ton of writing. I read a story by her called "Mock Morals: Starving for Skinny" about 3 weeks ago. It really moved me. I have always been skinny in my life and never had to worry, but that story opened my eyes on how lucky I truly am. Good job.


Grace is amazing. Still a Senior Writer she always wows me. The first article that was not a submission for a contest was a review titled "When My Name Was Keoko". With 90 articles she writes with passion. A younger writer at 15 it is good to see raw talent. All these writers started young though. Just at their own years. She still goes on to get a 95 clam salary and has 5 cars.

The best article she wrote in my opinion is "That Hurt". She wrote this at a time where you had to be reading the Times every week to understand who she was talking about. It was really good considering that she said she can't be deep. I hope you never stop writing.

Every Times Writer is great. And don't think that have had to be writing forever to inspire someone. These are just the people I love to read in the archives. Every writer has a history and I hope to create my own. Thanks Times Writers!


Author's Note: The picture of Holiday50 is from '06. It is old because she is a bluebie right now and I thought you would like to see a real picture of her avatar.


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