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If someone lies to you, they aren't telling the truth. What they are saying is false, and yet you still believe it. My siblings are liars, and a lie isn't hard for them to tell. I can remember one time I was sitting in my mother's kitchen, and I somehow annoyed my brother. So he drops to the ground and says, "Ow! Mariah just pushed me down!" and starts to cry. Now, I thought my little sister had my back . . . boy, was I wrong. I guess I had annoyed her also, because my mother asked her if I did and guess what she said! "Yeah I saw her."

I can also recall a time when I was in the bathroom and my little sister wanted in, though I was showering. I walked out and she started to cry and said that I just hit her. I was shocked, and I tried to tell the truth, but that got me nowhere. My dad said I was lying. They say liars are automatically not believed, but that is a lie itself.

I have first-hand experience with liars. My other sibling will lie over the smallest, most tiniest, dumbest things. I guess it's to add excitement, but it's still a lie. My parents lie. I'm surrounded by liars, how will I ever learn that lying is wrong . . .

. . . By myself. You don't have to be a liar because you are surrounded by them. When I was younger, I was a great liar. I was so manipulative! But since I turned ten, I've figured out that lying gets me nowhere. It's a sorry thing that I'm surrounded by liars, and it's sad when a kid who is surrounded by them turns out to be one. I have so many memories about my siblings lying, and I have some of me lying too . . . but not nearly as many.

Some also say that some lies are only 'little white lies'. But those little white lies turn into big red lies, and they become stuck like letters to your face. And then you are known as a liar. I'd advise you to tell the truth, it does much better. Say you haven't done your homework, and you'll get detention for that. If your teacher asks you where it's at, and you say your dog ate it and show a picture of your dog, you're getting detention and losing her trust. But if you say you didn't do it last night and apologize, you'll get detention and you'll earn some trust. It's the truth that counts, and lies are bad.

Don't lie.


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