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More Halloween Costumes

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Well, look what I have! I have found more Whyvillians' with amazing costumes. Goodness gracious, you Whyvillians are getting more creative each year. Kudos to you. Well, enough talking here. Show me the costumes!

Here we have an undercover ninja! Maybe I shouldn't tell everyone on Whyville Pengwhen's username, just so I keep her cover safe. Well, we don't want to get caught in her trail. Nice touch on the mask though! Shhh!

SpOrTyAx: What kind of candy do you like eating or giving out on Halloween?
Undercover Ninja: I'm in love with Reese's Cups.

Here, we have an adorable terrifying monster! VickiDeze is showing off her cute monster suit. Boy, aren't those teeth a nightmare?

SpOrTyAx: Are you passing out candy, trick or treating, or something else on Halloween night?
VickiDeze: On Halloween night I'm going trick or treating with my friend.

Look what flew in! It's Lipquiver. I love the creativity in this one. She's Wanda from "Fairly Odd Parents". Let's hope she grants me the wish of my life. My wish is obviously living in Candyland. You must not know me at all. While I grunt in anger, let's hear Lipquiver's opinion about costumes.

SpOrTyAx: Do you enjoy Halloween?
LipQuiver: Yup. I love Halloween, and finding a costume to buy.

Can you guess what Identify is? Maybe I shouldn't tell you because it really scared the fleas out of me. Okay well we should all get over our fears or maybe it's just me. DEATH. You heard me. Identify is DEATH! Clever right? I couldn't agree more. Don't worry, you're not the only one crying.

SpOrTyAx: What is Halloween all about to you?
Identify: To me Halloween is a time where I can dress up like anything I want to without being called "different". Also I can get tons of delicious treats while doing it too!

Let's give a round of applause to all my models! *Claps wildly* Don't forget to cheer! *Cheers wildly* Oh stop it, oh thank you. *Blushes*

If you want to be in a Halloween Costume article, catch me next year! Oh and don't drive your parents crazy by eating all your candy in one day. Trust me, been there, done that.



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