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Halloween Bash

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This year's Halloween party was a blast! For those of you who couldn't attend, here's a glimpse of what you missed.

I attended as Death this year, because my Mad Hatter suit sold out too quickly for me to get it. Fear not, because I was miraculously able to whip up another costume minutes before the party began.

This year the code to get in was Nilbog, or Goblin backwards. (You clever City Workers, you!). I decided to find the three most interesting rooms, and boy did they give me a scare.

Hmm . . . I wonder what I say to get in.

After arriving at the party, I ventured into the infamous Haunted House. Not everything is as it seems!

Mmm, worms and eyeball soup. I sure wish my mom could cook this well.

Is that head on the table the Fonz?

My last stop is the graveyard. And boy, was it fun! After speaking with some of the voters, I decided to rig the contest by playing my funny-bunny card. Unfortunately, this "real" Lopan saved the day.

Well, that's it folks. There's a lot more to the Haunted House than I could possibly fit in one article, so if you didn't attend make sure to be first in line next year! Thank you to all of those who voted and had fun, and congratulations to the lucky contestants who won the costume contest. I suppose Death just wasn't original enough to win the hearts of the people this evening. Maybe next year I'll be Mel Gibson, I should catch some attention there.

This is Jadenman, signing out.
I'll get you Funny bunny!


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