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We all know of religions: Christian, Jewish, Muslim. But do we all know of Jacksonism? Jacksonism is not yet a real religion, but if enough people join, it can be. If you're allowed to believe in God, why can't you believe in Michael Jackson?

This religion could very well become successful. Michael Jackson may have only been the King of Pop, but he has earned the respect and love from millions of people around the world. He was a very wealthy man, and he was a philanthropist -- one of the world's most known.

I don't see how anybody could possibly be offended by this new religion, as it is not interfering with their own. This is also said to be a side religion, meaning most likely not having to pray to Michael, but still believing in him. How could one say not to pray to a human being, or rather worship a human being, when Buddhists worship Buddha, who is a human being? I find it annoying that someone could say Michael Jackson has done nothing wonderful or to help this earth and it's people.

Jacksonism is not for overly obsessed fans, it can be for anybody who feels any small amount of like for Michael. I feel like it is very close-minded to tell someone that they are sinning for worshiping this man. He saved many, many lives. He donated millions, and he was generally a person with a beautiful attitude. He worked magic. I cannot believe, nor adapt to, anybody saying he is not worthy of this religion.

Whether or not Michael Jackson deserves this, it's going to happen. No one person can just say that he is not worthy of being a God, who knows what it takes to be a God? It's all up to his followers, and his Jacksonists. It has nothing in the world to do with the many haters that Michael does have, because they are not, and can not, destroy this. It's all up to the people joining this new religion/side religion.

I am willing to become a Jacksonist, which is a person who honors and worships Michael Jackson. Though to be one you do not have to worship Michael.

Author's Note: This is NOT a real religion yet. And you are NOT forced to become a Jacksonist, do not think that you are.


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