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Everyone has a gift. I guess you find them as you get older or maybe it's just something you've always been good at, something you were born with. Every since I can remember, I was good at cooking.

I would help my mom make cookies in the kitchen. She would measure the ingredients and I would get to put them in the mixing bowl while sampling a little too. When I got older, I would make things with the guidance of my grandma. My mom and brother have very similar birthdays and I made them a cake one year. As I climbed the age ladder even more, I started cooking on my own. Just the other day I made cookies in the shape of turkeys for the month of November. I even want to challenge myself and make something for Thanksgiving dinner. Wish me luck!

Cooking isn't my gift, though. I'm good at it, but it's more of a hobby. Lots of people have gifts with sports. They were just a born natural athletes. Lots of people are smart and creative. When you use your gift, I would say you use all of your brain. What do you think your gift is?

Lately, I've been doing this thing that I think is my gift. Here are some reasons that might say something about your gift.

1. It calms and relaxes you.
2. It's something you can do over and over again and it never gets old.
3. It makes you proud of yourself.
4. It's something you practice at all the time to make yourself better.
5. It's something you may be interested in for a job.
6. It comes easy to you.
7. Most of all, you have lots of fun with it.

I have a hunch that my gift is writing.


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