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You Can't End It

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Your tears turn to ice and pound on my heart
Shattered, torn apart
But still, I have an unbreakable love
A true love, one fake yet so real at the same time
You can think it's all gone, but I haven't ripped
Myself apart

Not yet, at least

So go ahead, fly away with the wind
Let yourself fade in the future 'cause I'm still here
Thank you for everything, thank you for it all
An experience of true love, or so I thought

And as we lived, I saw how true it was
How beautiful you were, how amazing you thought
I was
But now you're trying to end it, put an end to it all
But you can't freeze time
You can just love but now you can't let go 'cause I've got you
And I'm holding you tight

So go and fly away with the doves
You know you're the one I've always truly loved
You can run from me and even try to hide
But just remember I'm still watching you
I'm right by your side

'Cause this love can't end
It's all a chain
And I haven't stopped loving you
'Cause this love can't end
This love can't end
This love can't end
And I say it never will


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