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A World Away

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Annabelle was different from everyone else. She had average hair, was an average height, and got average grades, but something about her was unique. And no one could quite put their finger on it.

One cloudy Washington day, she was out walking around her neighborhood. Everyone else was in their houses hiding from the bitter cold outside. But something about walking in the icy breeze gave Annabelle a sense of tranquility. She could see into people's houses, the lights on and a fire blazing in their fireplace. Annabelle checked her watch: 7:26. 'It's getting late,' she thought, 'I should probably be getting home now.'

She lived on the end of the street, just a few minute's walk from where she was. But as she headed back home, she had the strange feeling that somebody was watching her. She tried to shake it off, but the feeling kept lingering. Annabelle whipped around to look behind her. Just an empty sidewalk and a bush next to it. But she could swear the bush had moved . . .

As she entered her house, she expected to see her dad on the couch, where he would always be after dinner, reading the newspaper. But he wasn't there. "Dad!" she called. No answer. She ran through the house, checking every room. Her mom was nowhere to be seen either. "Guys?! Where are you?!" she yelled through the empty house. Suddenly, a green light filled the room, and a few seconds later, everything went black.

*To be continued*


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