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Newbies Vs. Oldbies

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Hello, dxdxdxdx here. Today I want to talk about a topic that has been quite the debate in Whyville. I want to talk about Newbies and Oldbies. Lately, when I enter Whyville chatrooms such as Beach South or The Mall, I see some behavior that isn't pleasant in my eyes. I often see Oldbies picking on Newbies, making fun of them or taunting them with their amount of clams. When I joined Whyville, back in 2007, Oldbies were very nice and generous. It saddens me that nowadays Oldbies taunt Newbies and aren't friendly.

The other day at Beach South, I witnessed an argument between two people. They were arguing about the years they joined Whyville. I took the time to go and check out their City Records, and to my surprise, one of them joined in 2004, and the other in 2005. The 2004 Oldbie was calling the other person a Newbie. It wasn't clear to me why they were arguing, because by looking at their City Records, you can tell that neither of them are Newbies, yet you can see them arguing over a years difference. After a while of going back and forth, many other citizens joined in the riot, and it turned into a giant mess of arguing and name calling.

I personally don't understand why people argue about the year they joined Whyville. Sure, if you joined back in the day, you are more prestigious and should be respected, but I don't get why people need to argue and make riots. It seems like everyday I see people going after Newbies, and calling them names. Newbies just need guidance and help in Whyville. If Oldbies pick on them, they won't want to come back to Whyville. I just want everyone to sit back and think to when you were new to Whyville. Did people make fun of you? Did they tease you? And if they didn't, would you be upset if they did? Think about it. Newbies are people too, and do have feelings. I understand that Newbies can sometimes be a bit irritating, but all they need is some guidance.

I hope that my article will help both Newbies and Oldbies make peace in Whyville. These fights are really unnecessary and shouldn't occur in Whyville! Whyville should be a place for people to enjoy themselves, have fun and talk to friends. Not a place to argue and make fun of other people. This issue has been getting out of control for quite some time, and it's about time someone tries to step in and help. I believe that everyone should just be nice and respectful to each other, and if someone is mean or disrespectful, you should just silence or vaporize them. That is why Whyville made those buttons! They are very useful, and are really effective with ending problems. If you just use them, you won't need to argue and fight in Whyville.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope that my article helps raise the awareness of this issue, and helps bring an end to it.

- dxdxdxdx


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