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Beginner's Makeup: Part 1

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If you're just beginning to use makeup, it can be kind of tricky to know what to use, and how to use it. Standing in the makeup aisle at Walmart, what do you get? How the heck are you supposed to use that bottle of thick, tan stuff, or that palette of eye shadows? What's the best brush? Maybe I can help.

I have a passion for makeup, even though I've only been using it since I was about eleven or twelve. I would begin with just a little - maybe some mascara, eye shadow, dab of lip gloss - but feel free to experiment! As long as it's okay with your parents, and you have the money, you should feel free to experiment with different makeup techniques and styles. Just remember, try not to go to school with a pasty white face, red lipstick, and black eye shadow. In this article, I'll be covering the basics: eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. Later, we can cover other makeup, such as cover-ups and brushes, foundation, face powder, concealers, etc.

Eye Shadow

This will probably end up being the type of makeup you use most often. You'll want to choose an eye shadow that goes well with your eye color. Different colors of eye shadow have the ability to enhance your eyes, or, de-enhance them.

Choosing one: In some makeup aisles, the color for your eyes is straightforward, because there are tons of little 4-palette sets titled "Brown Eyes!" or something similar. Generally, the following list is a good thing to go by.

Brown eyes: Browns, purples, and surprisingly, grays, will work well with your brown eyes. You can match these with accent colors (by using more than one shadow) such as gold, green, and light pinks. Brown eyes are actually capable of pulling off many different colors. Generally, as long as you keep to the warm shades, you should be okay. Just find what accents YOUR eyes best.

Blue eyes: Blue eyes are even better at pulling things off than brown eyes. However, it has been said that shades in the orange family work best on blue eyes. Some colors to consider in this category are rust, bronze, coral, etc. You can also use deep blues, pale pinks, and purples.

Green eyes: Brown tones will work best if you have green eyes. Try accenting this with touches of gold and copper. Also, dark purple shades and metallic colors will work. Some pinks may work well, while others totally take away from your eyes. If you want to use pink on your green eyes, try and find one that suits your eyes best.


For one shade: Using an eyeshadow brush, fill up your brush and pat to remove excess eyeshadow. Simply pat or sweep across your entire eyelid. If it's a dark, intense shade, such as gray, dark brown, or black, you may want to apply only a tiny bit near the lash line or on the outer V of your eyes.

For more than one shade: Using more than one shade, all of which accent each other, can look great on your eyes. Usually, the shades you use together should be in the same color family.

Using an eye shadow brush, you want to apply the highlight color - the lightest one - on the inner V of your eyes. The base color is applied all over the lid, and the darkest color is applied on the outer V and in the crease.


Along with eye shadow, this will definitely be a well-used makeup item. Mainly, you just want to find good, black mascara that does not clump. You'll also want to consider your lash length when choosing your mascara. And, if you have fair hair, you may consider using brown mascara rather than black.

If you have short, thin lashes, find mascara that is formulated to make them seem especially longer and fuller. Maybelline Falsies and Maybelline Lash Stiletto are both excellent for this.

If your eyelashes are already fairly thick and long, just find a mascara that will darken them. A good one is Maybelline Define-A-Lash, as it won't add too much fullness to your eyelashes.


The use of eyeliner is pretty general. You just want to find one that stays on well, does not smudge, and applies well. You probably want to start out with pencil eyeliner as opposed to liquid, as it is much easier to apply and does not have as much a dramatic effect. I suggest Ulta's brand, because I've found it does all these things. When choosing an eyeliner, remember that your eye color CAN affect what eyeliner color to use:

Brown: Black or dark brown eyeliner

Blue: Grays and medium browns.

Green: Plum and violet eyeliners, as well as browns and golds.

Application: Eyeliner can be applied on the waterline or along the lash line, but I personally find it looks better on the lash line.

Waterline: Using your ring finger, gently pull down the skin below your eye. That pink ridge you see, under your eye, is the water line. Simply run your eyeliner - pencil, for this ? across your waterline, fully covering it.

Lash line: This is a bit more tricky. Try and pull your lashes down, and concentrate on getting as close to the lashes as possible. You can correct any mistakes easily with a Q-tip or makeup remover.

Lip Gloss or Lipstick

Finding a good lipstick and/or lip gloss is pretty easy. Most of them work well, and you just have to find one you like, and that matches your hair color.

Brunettes: Brunettes pull of red lipstick really well, but since you (and I) are still just teenagers, you'll want to go for something more subtle. Try rosy pink shades, as well as solid pink.

Blondes: Lucky you; you can get away with neutral lips. Light pinks, berry colors, and mochas will work well for you.

Redheads: Who said pink and red clash? Use pinks, corals, and purple-tinged colors for your red hair.

Remember, have fun experimenting, and find makeup that works well for you! I hope that this article has made beginning makeup a little easier for you. This is also a good set of general rules to follow for any makeup wearer in their teens.

Thanks for reading,

Author's Note: I'm sorry that shades for hazel eyes and black hair are not listed. What works for brown eyes/brown hair should also work for those, and for hazel eyes you may want to consider the colors used for green eyes.


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