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Bullying: Will it Ever End?

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Hello, dxdxdxdx here. Today I want to talk about a topic that is big around the world, bullying. People get bullied everywhere, whether it be at school, at work, or even on the Internet. So I went around Whyville and asked for some opinions and point of views.

dxdxdxdx: Have you ever been bullied before?

5mi1e: Hah, heck yes.
Laughter6: It's a daily thing for me, unfortunately.
fishrock2: I wouldn't say bullying, but name calling.
Xion2: Yes.
Beauty426: Yes, I have been bullied before.
MsFanta: Yes.

dxdxdxdx: What kind of things were said to you?

5mi1e: I was fat, ugly, nobody liked me, stuff like that.
Laughter6: Well, I'm hearing impaired, so it's usually things pertaining to that. Sometimes they're ignorant things like "If you're deaf, shouldn't you be in a special school?" or "I thought only old people wore hearing aids."
fishrock2: Well, my eyes are a different shape than most people and I have dark hair, so they called me Chinese names.
Xion2: Not too many things said to me. I have been called "gay" several times. Meaningless stuff.
Beauty426: I don't know, but some of them were rude, and some were really mean.
MsFanta: A Chinese freak. I've been called a loser.

dxdxdxdx: Did you stick up for yourself?

5mi1e: Yes, finally after 3 horrible years.
Laughter6: Usually I just walk away. Thankfully not everyone at my school is rude, and there are some people who will call them out, so I don't have to.
fishrock2: No.
Xion2: Nope. Normally I almost fall over laughing. It's next to impossible to insult me. By the way, I am not laughing at the things they are saying to me. I am mostly laughing at them, and their own stupidity.
Beauty426: Yes, I always stick up for myself.
MsFanta: I'm scared to stick up for myself but if I ever did, I would tell the person to stop and if you didn't I would get someone that would make you stop or I would tell a teacher or someone I could trust.

dxdxdxdx: Do you ever see other kids being bullied?

5mi1e: All the time, and it really hurts me, because I've been through that. I always stick up for them.
Laughter6: Not outright bullying. At my school, it's done when there's very few people around. Sometimes it's as simple as people moving tables when someone sits near them, or things like that that you don't really notice.
fishrock2: Hardly ever, I have a VERY small school.
Xion2: Yes.
Beauty426: Yes, I have seen people being bullied.

dxdxdxdx: What is your opinion of kids who bully other kids?

5mi1e: They're very horrible people, or they are just misguided.
Laughter6: They're immature. If you need to make someone else feel terrible about themselves just to make yourself look good, then obviously there's something wrong with you.
fishrock2: It's horrible, it destroys a person's self confidence.
Xion2: Most are just morons who think they are cool.
Beauty426: I don't know about other kids being bullied, it's not my problem.
MsFanta: I think it's wrong and in my opinion, it starts from the teachers because they always blame the whole class for ones actions so the person that got blamed gets ganged up on by the other kids that did nothing wrong, then it goes threw out until you graduate but it gets worse then just that.

dxdxdxdx: What kinds of things would you try to do to stop bullying?

5mi1e: I stick up for the people I see getting bullied.
Laughter6: I just try to be nice to people who might be in the same situation I am. I'm not as misguided to think that I can make anyone stop bullying, but I do know that having someone there for you who isn't a jerk means a lot to someone who's bullied.
fishrock2: Make teachers more aware of bullying.
Xion2: I was like the principal I would take any kid who is known to bully and just completely expel him from school.

dxdxdxdx: Do you think bullying will ever come to an end?

5mi1e: Maybe, if everyone tries hard enough.
Laughter6: Unfortunately, no. There's no way for people to stop bullying all together. It's human nature to put others down. Everyone bullies at some point. I do think it can be helped though, so it's not a prominent as it is now.
fishrock2: To be honest, I don't. It's just the way some people are.
Xion2: No. There will always be tough, stupid kids who think they are so cool because they made someone cry.
Beauty426: No it will never end.
MsFanta: No.

So there you have it. The opinions and experiences among Whyvillians are a little varied, but pretty much the same. It is clear that everyone knows about the issue of bullying, but not many people do anything about it. Next time you see someone being bullied, think about trying to help them. You'd make such a difference, and I'm sure you'd make that person's day.

I'd like to give a thank you to 5mi1e, Laughter6, fishrock2, Xion2, Beauty426, and MsFanta for sharing your experiences and answers.

Thank you for reading!


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