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Music: A Creative Escape

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Why do we need music? Music is a major part of people's lives. It helps relieve stress, and makes life more bearable. Music can have a huge impact on every single person. Sometimes it gives us inspiration to write, or complete difficult tasks. Some music even defines your culture, such as African music. Song writers and musicians are greatly impacted by music. When they create music, it defines who they are, who they will be, and what they strive for. Music is placed into different genres based on your songs. Most musicians/bands fit into one or two genres. Genres can include: Country, Rap, Rock, Reggae, Alternative, and etc.

I have always been close to music. I can not go a day without it, and I know a couple other who are the same way. It even helps me think, when it is hard focusing on something I don't like. It helps me tune out the outside world. Sometimes you need to tune out everything, to keep focused. Music has been intertwined in my life, ever since I can remember. I have sung in my church's children's choir, I have performed in concerts, either singing or playing an instrument. It's hard to go on with life, without something to inspire you. Music is an interpretation of your feelings at the moment.

Since I was a sophomore in high school, I have written songs about how I feel. They are usually about past relationships and finding that one person. Recently I have expanded my lyrics to talking about myself. I have shown a select few people and they have said that it was extremely good for each one. All I need to do to finish the song is write the music notation, so the lyrical part of the song is basically a long poem. I do wish to publish these songs of mine, but I am scared of what the rest of the world will think. My best friends are encouraging me to get over this fear and strive for the best. Most musicians write how they feel and don't care how people will think of the music that they produce. One of my close friend's uncle is an agent at a big studio in Canada. I am debating about moving there and giving it a try, instead of staying in the states.

Do you write music, or poems? If so, then keep on writing. Do not care about other people will think because they are just opinions, but it is always good to take constructive criticism. You soon have to realize that YOU are your worst critic. I write music to relieve my stress and depression, so I am sure it will help you. I don't mean writing will help you with the same things, as it does me, but help you in other ways that are needed for you to strive.

Be inspired to write!



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