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Bamboozled: The Grand Finale

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Aloha Bamboozlers! Welcome to the final episode of "Bamboozled". We've stirred up an extra special episode for you this week, chock full of special guests and laughs! In regards to our favorite book contest last week, our winners were sims2girl, trollin1, and pinkboot8! Congratulations to the three of them. They have received a 5,000 clam reward and will be guest starring in our comic this week, so look out for their scrumptious faces. Now, you don't want to hear me rant anymore, so let's get to the comic.

Last week we left off with the evil Rachel and the good Rachel meeting face to face. What will happen next?

Our heroes were extremely puzzled, so the evil Rachel offered to bring light to the situation.

OH MY LANTA! Things just keep getting weirder and weirder. I don't know about you guys, but I didn't see that one coming . . . but why would Plankton want revenge on Rachel and her friends?

Woah, pop singing sensation gone evil! Now, the question I'm SUPPOSED to ask you guys is, "Why would Justin be messing with Melanie, Andy, and Rachel?" But obviously the elephant in the room is, "How the fish sticks does that boy change so fast?"

Oooh Justin's getting his revenge, but Rachel offers a better, albeit risky, alternative.

Wow, slave for life! That's quite the deal. Both parties seem to be pretty confident though. Off to the auditorium to find ourselves a winner!

Welcome to Whyville Idol! We're so good, that Ryan Seacrest ditched "American Idol" for US.

Now, Bieber has the stage, singing his hit song, but the audience seems to have split reactions (and Melanie seems to have lost it). Let's see how Rachel does . . .

Ooh, the audience seems to be torn again, and uhh . . . Justin seems to have found himself a new dialect. That's cool, I guess. So who's going to win?

Wowee! What a show! First Rachel pulls a Lee DeWyze by looking like she's going to pass out, but all is well. RACHEL IS THE NEW WHYVILLE IDOL! WOOOO!

And what was their previous deal, boy and girls? Why, loser is the other's slave for life, of course. Ahh yes! So if you see our dear Rachel, Andy, and Melanie hanging around, and you're feeling like a slice of pie would be nice, then just ask, they'll have Justin bring some for you.

Until next time!
-Xoxkitkat, sk8terb67, and RachiexX

Author's Note: Thanks to all of you who read our comic, and thanks to the Times Editor for putting up us!


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