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Past to Present: A Breakdown of Whyville

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Hello, citizens! Lately, I've noticed some problems on the BBS and around Whyville. Deleting trolls, hate, discrimination, and just flat out rudeness has been slowly taking over our great town. Curious, I hit the BBS to ask some people about their views on Whyville, it's past and present.

sqeakers1: If you were on Whyville before this past year, on any account, what did you think of it?

Krissai: I thought it was great, the bright side was it was fun and it was something to look forward to, the dark side is it made me addicted to the computer . . .
HPLizzy: I loved it! It was my favorite website, ever. I really wanted to become a City Worker, just so I could get a chance to work with my favorite site.
Jillith: It was much more friendly, and cleaner. I actually think it depends on which chat room you are in. On the BBS, though, I believe everyone was closer.
JessiBOO: Whyville was A LOT better on my first years of Whyville.
SpOrTyAx: To me, Whyville has always been the same. I may not be as old as the Oldbies, but besides the minor changes, it's always been fun.

sqeakers1: Do you feel that the older Whyville ran smoothly, or was it the same as it is now?

Krissai: It ran way more smoothly than it is now, there's a bunch of complaints and all that stupid stuff, which is annoying, I didn't have that in '09 or '10.
HPLizzy: Some parts of it are the same, but old Whyville did seem to run a bit more smoothly.
Jillith: It definitely ran smoother. Almost everything today is mediocre in Whyville.
JessiBOO: The older Whyville ran a lot more smoothly.
SpOrTyAx: Like I said, I think it's about the same. There were changes in the people, the Times, and in Whyville, but I do think it's becoming less entertaining, though it might just be me growing older.

sqeakers1: What do you think of the current Whyville chat rooms?

Krissai: Well, sometimes I go to Woods, but if there's a BC somewhere and I feel like going to it, it's usually at Evergreen, Junkyard, Meadow, etc.
HPLizzy: There are a few chat rooms that no one goes into anymore, and the chat rooms that are used are usually heavily populated. The people in the chat rooms can be nice, but there are some mean people. Although anywhere you go, you'd get that.
Jillith: They're great. Especially the ones that only used to be filled. Some of them are saddening, not how they look, but just that they're useless.
JessiBOO: The current Whyville chat rooms are constantly lagging and people keep having to refresh.
SpOrTyAx: I think that the citizens have changed, but how would I know? I was a cat for 1 year and 1/2.

sqeakers1: Do you feel that there is a lot of hate on Whyville, or just mild disagreement?

Krissai: A lot and a lot of hate, and a lot and a lot and a lot of wild/mild disagreement.
HPLizzy: I feel like it's more mild disagreement. I mean, I'm sure there's a small bit of hate somewhere, but it's mostly mild disagreement
Jillith: In all of Whyville? I think the majority of Whyville shows love rather than hate.
JessiBOO: There is a lot of hate on Whyville. It's calmed down some but, still lots of hate.
SpOrTyAx: Hmm, hate is a strong word. I would think more annoyed. There has been complaints and arguments against the City Workers. So I guess mild disagreement . . .

sqeakers1: What about the BBS? What do you think of that?

Krissai: Oh the BBS, I look forward to it everyday, but sometimes I just want to bust my screen and go right through and say "You know what, I'm tired of all this stupid stuff, fighting over little things!" but I'm too nice to do that.
HPLizzy: For the most part, I like it, but I dislike the spammers. The spamming isn't as bad as it used to be, but it's still there.
Jillith: On BBS there is mild disagreement in the form of hate and greed. More than the older version of BBS.
JessiBOO: I love the BBS. Always on it. But it could use some improvements.
SpOrTyAx: I absolutely love the BBS, far more better than chat rooms. It's easy to see what's new, make new "friends", etc.

sqeakers1: What do you think the BBS would look like to a new citizen who was viewing it for the first time?

Krissai: They would leave it at first sight.
HPLizzy: Well, it depends on the thread that they first look at. If it's one of the ones complaining about something, then I'd probably leave. If it was a roleplay or something fun like that, I'd want to give it a try, and stay on.
Jillith: I think it would look like the color blue to a person who has been blind all their life. When I first went to it, and read that I must stay on topic or be punished, I was afraid to even post.
JessiBOO: A little confusing, maybe.
SpOrTyAx: Well, maybe it would look a little too big. I mean, there's a variety of topics in the BBS. But, I dunno.

sqeakers1: Are there any other ETHICAL problems that you know/heard about?

Krissai: Not really, just the wanting and wanting and when we get it, complaint after complaint, it's not okay.
HPLizzy: Yes. People are getting taped/fined for saying things against Jews, but not other religions. If WV won't extend this punishment to people saying bad things about other religions/groups of people, they should just get rid of it altogether.
Jillith: Maybe . . .
JessiBOO: Nope. Not really.
SpOrTyAx: I've read about them, but I try and stay out of it. I read how Whyville aren't being fair towards some religions . . .

sqeakers1: Do you think Whyville will ever really make EVERYONE happy?

Krissai: Never ever ever ever ever, not ever, I mean, ROFL, I'm not kidding, never, it will never make everybody happy, at all.
HPLizzy: Nope. Someone's always going to be unhappy with the way things are being run. There is no possible way for WV to make anyone happy.
Jillith: Can't please everyone. I mean, if everyone turns out to be the last few people on Whyville in 2030 then maybe.
JessiBOO: Well, of course it won't make EVERYONE happy. There are going to be people that aren't happy with the way Whyville has turned and will turn out.
SpOrTyAx: Oh gosh no.

sqeakers1: If Whyville was bought out by a larger company, such as Google, would you stay on, or quit?

Krissai: Man, I'm just tired of the stupid changes, it's fine how it is now, and it was fine then. I would quit.
HPLizzy: I'd stay on for a bit, but if the company changed it a lot, and for the worse, I'd probably leave.
Jillith: I'd probably want to quit, but Whyville is rather fun, so I'd stay. Though I would be very disappointed if a lot of Newbies joined BBS. That seems rude, but I just can't handle their lack of "Whyville knowledge".
JessiBOO: Depends on how it affects Whyville and what all the changes it will cause.
SpOrTyAx: Well it depends. Most likely there would be a lot of changes. Change is good right? I think it will interesting, so I guess I would stay on. Unless they start demanding money, big no-no.

Personally, I think that somethings just can't be helped. Unfortunately, it seems that once something happens, people complain again. I don't think everyone will be happy on here, like the others said. But, after all, it seems that the City Workers are trying to do their best! Just stay patient guys, I'm sure whatever kind of funk that's hanging over Whyville will pass soon!


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