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Where I'm from, we have tons of festivals. Where would that be you ask? Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year, I'm particularly excited about Summerfest. What's Summerfest? Well let me explain.

Summerfest is a festival that occurs down by the Lake Michigan lakefront in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Tons of local and famous singers/bands perform over the 11 days the festival runs. I'll show you the major line-up later, but let me give you more information. There are 11 stages. There is one stage that the more famous singers perform on, and it's called the Marcus Amphitheater. The other 10 stages are as follows; Miller Lite Oasis, Harley Davidson Roadhouse, U.S. Cellular Connection Stage, M&I Classic Rock Stage, Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard, Summerfest Rock Stage, Potawatomi Bingo Casino Stage, Cascio Interstate Music Groove Stage, Northwestern Mutual Children's Theater, and Jojo's Lounge. As you can see, many of these stages are named after local/major businesses or products. They are the stages that these major and minor singers/bands perform on, over the 11 days. The festival starts June 29th, and runs through July 10th.

There are tons of other things you can do at Summerfest besides the concerts. My personal favorites are the sky-glider, the many podiums with food/merchandise, and just going by the lake. The sky-glider is like one of those ski lifts at ski resorts. It takes you across the Summerfest park 1 way for a $3.00 fare. The Summerfest grounds stretch I want to say about 1-3 miles, I'm not 100% sure. So the sky-glider is a nice way to reach the other side, or to just take a calming ride across the grounds. The food they have at Summerfest is really varied. There's tons of local restaurants in podiums there, like Buffalo Wild Wings, and other local places. The merchandise varies too, they sell t-shirts, toys for kids, glowsticks, glow toys, anything pretty much. Now, lets get to the line up. I'm not going to name every single person who's playing, because that'd be over 700 names! I'll just name the key singers.

June 29th

U.S. Cellular Connection Stage: Jack's Mannequin
Summerfest Rock Stage: Saving Abel

June 30th

Marcus Amphitheater: Kanye West and Kid Cudi
Harley Davidson Roadhouse: Owl City
U.S. Cellular Connection Stage: Panic! At The Disco & Neon Trees

July 1st

Marcus Amphitheater: Toby Keith and Eric Church
Summerfest Rock Stage: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

July 2nd

Miller Lite Oasis: Maroon 5

July 7th

Marcus Amphitheater: Katy Perry

July 8th

Marcus Amphitheater: Britney Spears & Nicki Minaj

So yeah, that's like 1/10th of the line up for the 2011 Summerfest Festival. I wanted to make an article about this, just for anyone who doesn't know about Summerfest. It's a big part of Milwaukee, and it helps the community get together, listen to music, and have fun.

Until Next Time,

Author's Note: I got most of the line-up information from www.summerfest.com


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