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Senate Inauguration

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As I'm sure you all know, Whyville has recently elected three new senators, iCouture, Kittieme, and Joker63! Their inauguration was held on Saturday, June 18, in the Greek Theater, hosted by City Hall. Unfortunately Joker63 couldn't make it, but it was still a lot of fun! For any others who couldn't make it. here's a recap of the events.

I arrived at the Greek Theater a little early in order to get a good seat! There were plenty of other waiting citizens, who were excited for the upcoming inauguration. While we were waiting, a few others and I had a fun little dance party on the stage, and I got a few people to say cheese for the camera!

When it was finally time for the inauguration to start we all got sent back to our seats, and City Hall entered the room. By this time, the Greek Theater was pretty packed, and everyone was excited to see iCouture and Kittieme inaugurated.

Then, City Hall invited Kittieme and iCouture onto the stage for everyone to see, and loud cheers went up in the crowd!

Then there was an announcement informing the crowd that joker63, unfortunately, could not make it to the inauguration due to his job, but he was missed!

After that, City Hall presented our two newest senators with their senate wreath!

Then iCouture and Kittieme took their senate oaths! City Hall gave them a series of questions with which they had to reply with "I do" or a similar affirmative statement. It was a pretty long oath, and I don't think the Times Editor would appreciate me putting it picture by picture! So here's the oath in one piece.

After Kittieme and iCouture were sworn into office, City Hall invited everyone down to celebrate, and we all had a dance party! I had fun at the inauguration and I'm sure many others did too! Congratulations to Kittieme and iCouture on your senate victories!



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