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Guide to Themed BCs

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Hey there! It's xoxkitkat here, bringing you a help guide to survive those themed BCs (beauty contests)! I know for a lot of people, the thought of a themed BC is just about as pleasant as the thought of a pouring a pot of hot coffee down your pants, but the fact of the matter is, themed BCs usually have a much greater payout than your average BC. They can also be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, so don't give up!

To start off, I know the number one complaint from people about themed BCs is that they don't want to give up their original look. They worked hard to put it together, and they simply don't want to lose it! Well, luckily there's a quick and easy solution! Simply right click on your avatar to the left side of the screen (where you open up pick your nose), and from there select "Open Link in New Tab". As the button promises, a new tab should pop up in pick your nose with your look! Keep that tab open during the BC and make your themed looks in a different tab. At the end of the BC, you can simply go back to the tab with your original look, click save, and your look will be restored just like that!

Of course, before you go about saving your looks, you have to find a BC to go to first! If you're having trouble finding a BC, wait around in a populated area like South Beach for an advertisement, or leaf through the BBS for a BC thread. The best time to go looking would probably be in the afternoon or early evening. It might take a few minutes, but there's usually plenty of BCs going on throughout the day, so keep looking! Once you've saved your original avatar and found a BC to go to, it's time to start putting together your themed looks! First, here's a quick list of "Dos and Don'ts" when competing in a themed BC.


- Save your original look in a new tab!
- Watch the time limit your host gave you, so you won't be late.
- Leave yourself some extra satchel space in case you need to buy last minute parts.
- Make your look clean cut and presentable, not sloppy, unless told otherwise.
- Follow all instructions given to you by the host.
- Be creative!


- Spend an obscene amount of money on parts for the BC, because you might not win.
- Beg or argue with the host to let you in if you weren't chosen for the next round.
- Throw away those random face parts; you never know when you'll need them!
- Be late, big no-no.
- Copy others' ideas. You're creative!
- Get upset if you don't win, there's always the next one!

Now that you're armed with the knowledge you need to compete in themed BCs, here are some sample looks that I've used for previous BCs that you can use to bounce ideas off of!

For occupation looks, I'll usually do a firefighter just because that's what I have in my satchel and is the first thing that comes to mind. However you can create any type of occupation that you prefer. Keep in mind that when choosing hair and makeup for your occupation look, try to stick to what you think that person would wear in real life. For instance, if you're doing a business woman don't wear pink hair, huge eye lashes, and purple lips!

In stock alternatives for out of stock parts:

Hair - Cherry Flavored Kool Aid - Abradical
Fire - Fire Boarder - ipodo92

For a bedtime look, I chose some very comfortable looking clothing parts and matched them with slightly messy hair for that bedtime look. I then added a teddy bear and some Z's for a snoring effect! What I think is a nice touch, although not necessary, is to get closed eyes to make it look as if you're sleeping. When making your slumber party look, try to throw in a little personality and creative touches!

In stock alternatives for out of stock parts:

Teddy Bear - Huckleberry Bear - Melsey6
Hair - Hair Mutilation - MiraMagic
Eyes - Closed Happy Anime Eyes - 0Naruto0

Summer themes are one of my favorites because they're SO much fun, and they allow you to get creative! Here I decided to put together various backgrounds to make it look like I'm at the beach! For this theme, I suggest some sort of hair that's pulled back, like pigtails or a side ponytail, because it's hot out and you don't need all that hair in the way! After you have the basics down, like clothes and hair, start adding on some accessories like sunglasses, a hat, a lei, whatever you'd wear to the beach. Then to add more to the summer theme, have your avatar be holding something you'd see during the summertime like a glass of coconut milk, an ice cream cone, a popsicle, a shovel and a pail, a fish, etc. Go crazy and add your own flare!

In stock alternatives for out of stock parts:

Popsicle - Chocolate Ice Cream - Voiceless
Shirt - Summer Arrival - Leebop

Well, that brings us to the end of our help guide! I hope I could help some of you to feel more comfortable competing in themed BCs!

Until next time!



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