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Best Friends Forever

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"Best Friends Forever" everyone has heard of this phrase. I had one, at one point in life. My cat. Sophia. Yes, it may seem quite odd. But my cat and I were close. At night she would crawl on top of my head and sleep. This didn't bother me at all. I found it comforting. I was glad she loved me and I am glad I had a friend who watched over me everywhere I went in my house. She was my little companion. Often I would grab her and hug her and say, "You're my best little furry friend ever! And you will always be!"

Let me go back to the ending of Summer 2010. I live by a creek and it had been poring rain. The creek overflowed and it was a muddy mess around the houses. Our basement was flooded. We were getting close to having one foot of water in our basement. Not knowing what to do we starting taking buckets of water and going outside to pour out the rain. When I went out to dump the next bucket I saw a pleading, shivering, dripping, kitten. I had to take her in. She was cute, and she needed me. She needed a home. My parents kept saying no, but she kept returning to our porch, with those pleading eyes. I played with her outside all the time. We bonded, and she loved me. Three days later I begged and begged. My parents gave in and said yes, but I had to find her owner. That she wasn't going to be my permanent pet. We lived in a apartment complex any ways, so you cannot have pets.

Months had passed and no one claimed to be the stray's owner. We decided to name her. Her name was Sophie. Sophia when she was doing wrong. She became my little buddy. When I went outside to play, she would sit in the living room window watching. When I ate she sat next to the kitchen table chair watching me eat. When I went to sleep, she guarded me, sleeping on my head, or next to me. All day, my mom would say, when I was at school she would sit and meow at the door waiting for me to come home. And when I went to sleepovers she would always meow at my parents, and go in my room meowing trying to hint to my mom that I wasn't there. She loved me and cared about me.

At not even close to a year and it was almost her first birthday! I was so excited. I already had plans to buy her a special treat and a ornament for the Christmas tree, and special toys. I had stopped looking for her owner, she was mine now! She was my little companion, forever. One day, the landlord of the apartments came by while we weren't home and saw that we had a cat sitting in our window patiently, but eagerly, waiting for her mommy to come home. We were sent a letter saying we had to get rid of her or we would be kicked out of our house. We had been saying all the time we would get rid of her but never did, she was a family cat. She loved everyone. At night she checked on everyone to make sure they were all safe. She licked everyone before we fell asleep. She loved all of my family. And we all loved her. I knew Dad wasn't going to get rid of her. She was OUR cat. I didn't agree that some lady could just waltz right in and tell me get rid of your cat. She was my forever friend.

Three days passed and my dad finally said we were getting rid of her. The whole drive to the Humane Society I had fun. I got to enjoy the ride with my cat in the car. She kept purring, licking me every now and then. I knew they wouldn't get rid of her. Then we got there. I was still fine, but when the strange lady took her out of the portable cage and my mom told me to say goodbye and I broke down in tears. We were best friends. FOREVER. When someone says that you shouldn't be able to change it. I cried for three days and slept in my parents room for a week. Then I realized Sophie wouldn't want me to be upset. She would want me to wish her luck on the rest of her journey. She would find a great home with a great owner. I had nothing to worry about.

I love you Sophie. Always will!


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