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Parental Security

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Parental security, we don't always agree with it, and we don't always disagree with it. Although our parents say they are keeping us under their eye for our safety sometimes we feel like they do not know what they're talking about. Well here in this article I talk to Whyvillians about how they feel about their parent's security towards them.

dayboy123: How do you feel about how your parents treat you?

galaxy7: I think my parents treat me great. They're great parents!
Myfantasi: My mother died when I was 3 or 4. My dad is very nice; he treats me with respect.
SouI3ater: I feel my parents treat me well but can be over protective at times.
mehbemegan: I think sometimes they think that we have to do EVERYTHING for them.

dayboy123: Do you feel like you can handle most situations they help you with on your own?

galaxy7: Well, it sort of depends. I sort of think I can do a lot of stuff without them.
Myfantasi: I'm a very independent girl, no doubt about that.
Mehbmegan: Yeah. I hardly need anyone's help, but my mom's always in the way.

dayboy123: Have you ever been in a severe situation and didn't tell your parents? Explain?

galaxy7: Not really.
Myfantasi: Hm, I don't tell my dad anything.
SouI3ater: No.
mehbmegan: Yes, one time these kids were teasing me and I didn't tell my mom because I didn't want her to embarrass me even more.

dayboy123: Have you ever told your parents how you feel?

galaxy7: About what? I tell them what happens, just so they know what's happening and I'm not out with bad people doing bad things.
Myfantasi: No. I don't share my feelings. I put on a fake smile and go on in life.
SouI3ater: No, I'm not really open with my parents. mehbmegan: Nope

And that concludes this interview. Based on the results of this interview it seems these Whyvillians think their parents treat them well, can work alone, and like many other kids, do not fully open up to their parents.


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