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Hunger Games Parody: Part 1

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There once was a Country, named Panem. There was a famous well known 'game', a bloody battle that was held EVERY year by the Capitol called . . . THE HUNGER GAMES. - dramatic music. DUNdunDUN!

That fateful day, they chose the 2 tributes from each District to go into the Hunger Games. Effie Trinket, the weirdo with the pink hair, called out the 2 winners of the coal mine: Catnip Everdeen and Pedro Mellark.

Before they began training, Cinna got Catnip looking STUNNING for training! Meanwhile, the creepy lover-dover Pedro was trying to impress Catnip with his lame cheesy lines. Effie Trinket, encouraged them by declaring, "It's a BIG BIG BIG day!"

All the tributes met up for training. Foxface, the shy ninja girl, went around quietly training. The other tributes went on training as normal, while Cinna was focused on a nail emergency. Unknowingly to the tributes, President Snow was ready to kill them in the Games! YAY doesn't that sound like fun?!

Finally, the Hunger Games rolled around. After many days of training, the tributes stood in the fateful arena. Then suddenly, Cinna died a horrendous death upon the murderer, PRESIDENT SNOW! The only family of Catnip in the Hunger Games was killed. Catnip granted his final wish, and forever protected his precious nail filer. - weeps mournfully -

During the games, many of the random nerdy tributes died. One of them, a memorable tribute, Foxface, died at the hand of President Snow as well. - sigh - He's ruining my STORY here. Thanks President Snow. ANYWAYS . . . He poisoned her with awesome crackers you have with cheese, you know? What a tragedy . . . Anyways, Pedro is still being a weirdo and is thinking about Catnip the whole time everyone's dying. Wow. What a man he is indeed.

In the middle of the Games, the Head Gamemaker and President Snow announced that if 2 people from the same district survive at the end, they both may win. Well, President Snow being the lying joker he is, he announced that they'd have to find a way to get 1 winner only. (Which means, someone has to die!) Being the smart people they are, Catnip and Pedro poisoned themselves both with deathberries . . . - GASP! -

It turns out that the Head Gamemaker freaked out and declared the both as the winners, before they could eat the deathberries. Catnip and Pedro both rubbed it in President Snow's and the Head Gamemaker's faces.

After the games, Pedro and Catnip both lived happily ever after lovingly, or DID THEY? - DunDunDun - . . . (To be continued)

Author's Note: I thank the following people for participating in this parody of "The Hunger Games". You guys made it successful! Thank you Jts2000, ibgarett, xoxkitkat, hopeluvs, ibesusie1 and deadsnaii!


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