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Why-Rates Adventures: Part 2

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Last time on Why-Rates Adventures, our beloved scurvy dogs confronted SpongeBob Squarepants. When he enraged the Why-Rates by refusing to sign some autographs, they looted his ship and discovered a treasure map.

The Why-Rates emerge from the depths of SpongeBob's vessel and board their own ship again. With the sun illuminating their new-found map, they take a good look at it for the first time. After some blank stares, the Why-Rates turn back to each other more awkwardly than a seal trying to slide on gravel.

Just before SpOrTyAx can break out the scissors, LolzRawr gets an idea.

With LolzRawr leading the way, the Why-Rates head ashore. They walk into town in slow motion, looking so cool that the other Whyvillians they pass can't help but stare. With every ounce of swag working, the Why-Rates strut on over to Club Why.

The delightful aroma of cheesecake fills the room. There is a loud *THUD* as something hits the window. The Why-rates turn around in surprise, and they stare in silence as a disoriented pigeon stumbles through the door. The bird utters a single phrase, with volume and intensity picking up with every word uttered in his lovely British accent.

"I . . . smell . . . CHEESECAKE!"

Clifford finishes off his slice of delicious cheesecake before turning back to the Why-Rates. He clears his throat before speaking again.

The bird puts in his reading monocle and starts looking over the map. His eyes follow along the black dashes forming a curved line to a big red "X". He nods slowly as he returns the map.

Will our beloved Why-Rates make it to Raven Island unscathed? Will anybody find it strange that LolzRawr's brother is a pigeon? Does anyone have a good recipe for apple Danishes? (Did I just type that in the wrong tab . . .?) Stay tuned, folks!


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