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Canadian Artists: Hedley

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The majority of Whyville's population is American. When I talk to my Whyville friends about the music I'm listening to they have no idea who the artist is. That is because a lot of the music I listen to is Canadian. Canadians are well-educated on American artists; most Canadians probably listen to American music more than Canadian. But I don't know of a lot of Americans who listen to music sung by Canadian artists. I decided to start this short series to share with you some of my favorite artists. I think I'll start this series off with my favorite band: Hedley.

Hedley is a pop rock band from Abbotsford, British Columbia. The fact that they originate from my province makes my love for them a little stronger; it's nice to see that such talent came from somewhere so close to me. You may be wondering where the name "Hedley" came from. It's actually the name of a British Columbian town, Hedley. At one point in time the entire town of Hedley was up for sale at $346,000. The band, who was just starting out at the time, debated on trying to buy the town, but instead just settled on using it to name their band.

From left to right: Chris Crippin, Tommy Mac, Jacob Hoggard, Dave Rosin.

Jacob Hoggard, the lead singer of the band, was discovered on "Canadian Idol" when he made it to third place in the competition. After the show, Jacob Hoggard was the only original member of Hedley left and the band was then comprised of new members (who are now the current members of Hedley): Chris Crippin the drummer, Tommy Mac and Dave Rosin on guitar, and Jacob Hoggard as the lead singer.

Hedley is currently signed with Universal Music Canada, and Island Records. They have produced three albums so far: Hedley/Hedley (Platinum Edition), Famous Last Words, and The Show Must Go/ Go With the Show (Live). Hedley's new album, Storms, is to be released on November 8th, 2011. Hedley has recently come out with a new single which you may have heard, "Invincible". It is currently rated at #1 on MuchMusicCountdown.

Some of Hedley's careers highlights have been winning Best Video and Cinematography for their song "For the Nights I Can't Remember" during the 2008 Much Music Video Awards; the song also won Song of the Year and Chart Topper. Also they were nominated for Pop Album of the Year and Group of the Year during the 2010 Juno Awards. Perhaps one of their best spotlight moments was when they sung their song "Cha-Ching" during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Closing Ceremonies.

Hedley is my favorite band, and I will be going to see them live when they go on tour in February. I strongly encourage you to listen to their music, who knows . . . you might just like it!

For tour information and what not, you can visit their website at www.hedleyonline.com


Author's Note: Sources: www.hedleyonline.com http://en.wikepedia.org/wiki/Hedley_(band)


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