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XxFUZZXxX: Rising Writer

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Hey guys! Karen8899, here to interview one of Whyville's newest journalists. But first of all, let me explain the reason behind this, and why this got started.

Since most of you read the Times daily, I assume, you might've noticed a change in the arrival several new writers. It seems that many have suddenly popped up, beckoning and starting a new revolution of new articles. Well, I've decided to interview one of these innovative authors, XxFUZZXxX, to see how it's like and how she's managed. You've probably noticed that every week, if you pay close attention, it seems she has produced a fresh and interesting article to read.

Let's see what she has on her mind, and how she began her writing career with the Whyville Times.

karen8899: How are you today?
XxFUZZXxX: Oh so very happy! Apart from extra school work.

karen889: So, how did you get started?
XxFUZZXxX: To tell you the truth, my first article I ever did was "One on One with Lopan", which didn't get many compliments. I learned from my mistakes with that article. I learned from all the tips everyone gave me in the BBS. It really gave me that boost to start my new series!

karen8899: Did you feel special that out of all the people trying to get in on that day, you got chosen?
XxFUZZXxX: Yes, yes, yes! I was being a dork and started jumping around the room and jumping on my older brother's bed while he was asleep. It was one of the best days of my life.

karen8899: What kind of articles do you like to do/write?
XxFUZZXxX: I love to do creative writing! Creative writing is fun and easy to do while using my imagination, and all the ideas that are bubbling around. Interviewing is fun as well; I like seeing what people think.

karen8899: Is it fun writing for the Times?
XxFUZZXxX: It's really fun writing for the Times. It's like a career for me at a younger age. When I get to the age fifteen or more, I hope I'll be a Senior Times Writer.

karen8899: What are tips for people who want to write for the Times too?
XxFUZZXxX: Just never give up. At the start, I thought from all the criticism people gave me, they wouldn't want to read what I wrote. So one day, I sat down at the computer and started typing down everything I could think of. I turned those ideas into a topic or story. And no matter how old you are (I'm eleven), you can write. If you have a strong passion for writing, you can write!

So, that just goes to show how it's like at the beginning of your writing career. It may be rocky at first, but eventually, things will get going for you, once you acquire a feel for it. Keep persisting and never give up, as XxFUZZXxX stated.

XxFUZZXxX is one of the numerous examples you can take from and watch, new or old. But the reason I chose XxFUZZXxX is because of the distinctive qualities she portrays in her writing, and her background as an author. There are, however, many people to learn from, so keep an eye out -- you never know who, or what opportunity might come your way.

Off to see the wizard,

Author's Note: Special thanks to XxFUZZXxX for taking time out of her schedule to allow me to interview her.


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