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Trick or Treat: Part 3

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Last week on "Trick or Treat", the friends encountered a deer in the forest that warned them about a river up ahead. They were supposed to cross one by one to prevent it from falling, but they couldn't decide who should journey across the rickety bridge first. They argued until HopeLuvs uprooted a tree to make a sturdier bridge. After all of that, the trick or treaters reached a fork in the road. They split up, with 7stars and xoxkitkat on the right and lilpcdoll, Frieians, and HopeLuvs on the left.

The sky above was pitch black as lilpcdoll, Frieians, and Hopeluvs trudged forth on their path up Old Jack-o'-Lantern Hill. In the distance, they could make out a dilapidated house with a paint job nearly as questionable as its architecture. As they neared the "mansion", they could overhear a ghost outside mumbling something about . . . CANDY!

The ghost disappeared inside, and the trick or treaters followed behind him quietly. Meanwhile, 7stars and xoxkitkat approached a strange blue light. They soon found themselves in an eerie graveyard. Tired from the long walk, xoxkitkat propped herself up against a gnarled tree. In the corner of her vision, she noticed a spider crawling towards her.

Xoxkitkat dragged 7stars to a nearby house, stumbling through the door and bumping into their friends. They tried to silence their shrieks of surprise while they observed the ghost floating towards an open door up ahead.

The trick or treaters crept forward cautiously into some sort of twisted dining room. The ghost turned around slowly to face them. It gestured for them to take the seats.

The trick or treaters sat up in their chairs, eager for the shot to get their precious candy. Their entire quest had led up to this moment. The ghost scoffed at them and spoke, "I have a green nose, three red mouths, and four purple ears. What am I?"

There was a long silence. Their hearts sank as the candy hunters fished for an acceptable response. When they were too frustrated to form a serious answer, lilpcdoll made a snarky comment.

The Whyvillians celebrated as the ghost led them to the candy hoard. They dove into the pile, rolling in the teeth-rotting delightfulness. Snobby McGhostdude couldn't bear to look as they devoured his precious stash of candy, even though he couldn't eat it himself. And that, my friends, is the legend of the mansion on Jack-o'-Lantern Hill!

Author's Note: Thanks to xoxkitkat, lilpcdoll, Frieians, and HopeLuvs for appearing in this comic. Thanks for reading!


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