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Interviews: Ocean10kv and HopeLuvs

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Hey Whyville, hope you had a spookalious Halloween, full of candy! I sure did. This week I've interviewed two of Whyville's best interviewers. One famous for her interviews such as "Just Wiggle Your Toes", "Country Mouse or City Mouse" and "Huh, Sounds Like You Had a Good Christmas" and the other for her designer interviews. These interviews are really cool! So give it up for Ocean10kv and HopeLuvs.

XxFUZZxXx: How did you get the idea for writing an interview like "Wiggle Your Toes"?

Ocean10kv: I get all my ideas from my life; from thing that I find that affect me. The "Wiggle Your Toes" article was written because Kevin Brooks really inspired me!
HopeLuvs: I didn't write "Wiggle Your Toes". Well, I read the Times every week, and am friends with some AMAZING Times Writers, so I got inspired to write! I thought really hard on a series I could do. Which resulted in "Behind the Design".

XxFUZZxXx: When did you start writing interviews for the Times?

Ocean10kv: I actually haven't the slightest clue when I started!
HopeLuvs: To be honest, I don't remember! LoL probably 2-3 months ago!

XxFUZZxXx: Are interviews easy or hard to write?

Ocean10kv: I think interviews are rather difficult to write. You can either do really well on one, or really poorly. You have to try think of unique questions to ask so your article won't be like every other interview article out there.
HopeLuvs: They can be both. I try to diversify questions in my series, without it being so boring and repetitive.

XxFUZZxXx: What's the most important thing about interviews?

Ocean10kv: The most important thing is to make it interesting and unique. You don't want a really boring, unoriginal interview!
HopeLuvs: The most important thing about interviews is the interviewee must be comfortable to respond to the questions, and speak freely!

XxFUZZxXx: Any tips on how we could write fun interviews?

Ocean10kv: Find a topic that interests YOU. If you aren't having fun writing it, people won't have fun answering your questions, then people won't have fun READING it.
HopeLuvs: Just write what you think is fun, and be YOURSELF!

3 tips on writing a cool interview:

1. Never change the answers that the person gives you. Never ever do this when writing interviews, it may annoy the person you've interviewed and you've actually have lied. (Editor's Note: While this is correct, you should never change a person's answer, you should still check for spelling and grammatical errors. If the answer is spelled incorrectly or full of grammar mistakes, it may be impossible to read! Let your interviewee know that you will be correcting for spelling/grammar.)

2. Always y-mail the questions because it lets them think of the answer instead of asking them in a chat room when you're writing it down. It helps to y-mail them the questions.

3. Have fun while writing your interviews. I sure do when I do them. Some answers I get are really funny!

So there we have it another week's interview all wrapped up! Next will be Fashion articles! And I'll let you out of your misery . . . I'm going to interview Cohenlm about how she does her fashion articles!

Until next time . . . Have fun writing!


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