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Behind the Design: Amu Medium or Small Shugo

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Today on "Behind the Design:, I am going to be interviewing a cat designer, AngieCow, about one of her adorable designs, Amu Medium or Small Shugo. It is a cute, simple pink cat with a barrette that is in a shape of an "X".

HopeLuvs: Hello AngieCow! What inspired you to make this design?
AngieCow: I made this cat maybe two years ago. At that time I really liked this "Amu" character, so I decided to make a cat that looked similar to her. I made cats that looked like her friends too, and I was really surprised when people started paying up to 30k to get their hands on them! They were really popular at the time . . . I was so proud.

HopeLuvs: Wow!! 30K? It's a beautiful design, that's for sure! Anyhoo, is this cat a head, or is it adjustable?
AngieCow: It was supposed to be a head but Akbar decided to make it adjustable.

HopeLuvs: I'm curious, because these designs look so simple but elegant. How long does it take for you to design a cat?
AngieCow: It depends on what I'm drawing. This particular cat took about 30 minutes. Sometimes I draw quickly, sometimes I draw really slowly.

HopeLuvs: 30 minutes? That's not TOO bad, compared to how long other designs take! Do you use a mouse or a tablet for designing on Whyville?
AngieCow: I have a lovely graphire4 tablet I got on my 8th birthday. It's name is Wallace.

HopeLuvs: Lucky! I wish I could have a tablet someday. When did you start designing?
AngieCow: In 2006, when I first joined. My first design was really creepy looking . . .

HopeLuvs: A lot of people's designs look creepy when they first start out, don't worry! Mine was too! Ahaha. Anyways, since 2006, how many designs have you made?
AngieCow: Around 190.

HopeLuvs: Wow!! Do you just design for cats?
AngieCow: No, I've made some attempts to draw other things, like hats, some mediocre hair, and . . . beavers.

HopeLuvs: Ohh I have your beaver! It's so beaver . . . ly! Finally, do you have any words of advice for those new beginner designers?
AngieCow: Even if you feel like you're doing poorly when you start, keep trying your hardest. Becoming a popular designer doesn't take a day.

Thank you for reading this article, and see you next week on "Behind the Design"!

Author's Note: Thank you Short for letting me interview you! Your dream is accomplished, haha!


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