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Dear Grandpa

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"But when I get where I'm going,
and I see my Maker's face.
I'll stand forever in the light,
of His amazing grace.
Yeah when I get where I'm going,
Oh, when I get where I'm going,
there'll be only happy tears.
I will love and have no fear.
When I get where I'm going.
Yeah when I get where I'm going"

Every time I hear that song it makes me want to sit and think about you and all the fun times we had. It brings tears to my eyes every time no matter how hard I try to not think about it. I was only in fourth grade when you passed away, but I know you're in a better place now. I may not remember all our memories, but I remember just enough to remember you. Every time I came to your house I remember always asking you for a piece of candy and having to be quite all the time. It feels so different now with you not around, but I know we'll meet again.

I still remember the moment when Mom got a phone call from Grandma saying you were being rushed to the hospital and how quickly she took off. The next few days were horrible especially when we found out you had stage four lung cancer. You had chemo treatment, but it was just too late, cancer had taken you over. Seeing you so weak and hurt made me feel the same inside. I didn't really know what was going on since I was only in fourth grade, but now six years later I do.

I remember going to the hospital seeing you one last time before I had to leave. The next day I found out God had taken you with him. I know it was your time to go but I just wasn't ready knowing you were my last grandpa I had. Seeing you in that casket made me bawl my eyes out, it didn't look like you at all. I enjoy all the memories we had when I was little and I still remember you were supposed to come to my house for Easter that year. I wish you could have come, it just wasn't the same without you.

I will always have you in my heart and will always love you. I know you look down on me every day and that God takes care of you. Rest in peace Grandpa.

Love your granddaughter,


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