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So, You Want to Earn Clams?

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How do I earn clams?

The classic Newbie question . . . I bet we all remember this one! Whyville revolves around clams, and there are many ways to gain them!

First, let's start with a few pointers and tips.

Do not use cheats. This means this: don't go into Youtube and type in "whyville clams cheats". The most common I've seen is the Newbie Chat Test Cheat. I have also seen others asking for usernames and passwords. This ends up with your account gone. If you're lucky, you'll have your classic blue newbie face. So, hopefully this narrowed down your options.

No begging! Might not be super common, but I've seen it before. I have a sample message my sister once received. Neither the sender or my sister will be named:

Subject: clamz

hey r u rich cuz im poor i only have 1 clam so can i plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz have some clams ill buy you a car and super nice stuff ill pay u back too i promise

There are several flaws in this message: bad grammar (Ugh!), begging, and pretty much a waste of time to read. Also, they most likely wouldn't buy you anything anyway. It is also frustrating to go through messages and to find a message asking for clams. Don't feel sorry for them; just politely tell them to not ask others for clams and point out some ways to earn them. It's great to get some clams as a birthday gift, but people don't have unlimited clams. Another option crossed off.

Patience. It's not possible to have one clam one day and a million the next. Be patient. Set goals; maybe you want to raise your salary by two clams a day. I'm not sure what you will do, but you must be patient. It's pretty tough, but I have some ways to earn clams.

Now, here are some ways to earn clams without begging or cheating.

Check your salary ledger for salary games. Click the black book on the toolbar near the top of the page. A list of games will be available, as well as you're current salary. Who knows, you might find a game you really like!

Meet up with your friends and play some multiplayer games! This is a great way to earn clams and have fun! You can sort food the the cafeteria, play checkers, and much much more. You can then save up and buy you and you're friends a treat, like a banquet or a Whipcar ride.

Mix some music and make a song! May not be the fastest way, but you can make a new tune using the Scion Jukebox. You can go to the beach and click the banner or use the Designation car on your left. You can also do this with your friends!

Make a new face part. Again, not the fastest way, but you can make a new part that may become a new hit with the citizens. You'll need to get a voucher though. Either find one or buy one with pearls. You can also trade, which leads to number five . . .

Trading. Have a face part you no longer want? Trade it! Use the Designation bus and teleport to the Trading Post. Enter a room and put up your items to trade. You might get some clams or a better item then before.

Playing games. If you check the left hand side, a button there says "Play". You can play games in this menu! Yay! Not all of them pay clams or raise your salary, but it's a good pass time when you have nothing to do.

There are dozens (or hundreds!) of ways of earning clams, but I can't name them all; but you can! How do you earn clams?

Happy earning!

Author's Note: I wrote this to hopefully reduce the common questions that the Newbies often ask many times.


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