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Beauty Like No Other

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From the title of this article you might think I am writing about a girl. Some kind of hero for me. A friend or family member. But I am not. This article is all about nature. It is the only true beauty on Earth. People can be beautiful. But beauty seems different. Whenever I look out the window into the large backyard behind my house, all I see is trimmed green grass and scrawny trees. Rocks cover the perimeter and dug up dirt is spread out. It doesn't sound like much. Beauty, you might imagine, is a manicured front lawn with a fountain and tall stocks of roses and apple trees . . .

But if you are outside, breathing in the sweet smell of fresh air (not the polluted air) and the magic in the image, you feel good. I always go outside when I am feeling upset. Not to clear my thoughts. But to redirect them onto the beauty behind me. I stare into the wet grass and the pebbles that are a million colors. I stare into the dandelions, so tall and so thick. It refreshes my mind because it is so different than a makeup covered face or an expensive dress. And I am not saying that everyone thinks like that. I am saying that most people have yet to realize the true beauty of nature.

It is just outside. Maybe a beach, with its turquoise waves and ripples. Warm sand under a yellow sun. Like a corny movie, but it is so much more than romance or drama. It is life or death. Because no one lives forever and you must enjoy the beauty of nature while you still can. It is not here forever, especially as people stick electric wires in the sky and cloud the sweet air with the smell of carbon monoxide.

Have you ever stared into the full moon? Ever wanted to explore the galaxy and find out about something other than Earth? If there is some kind of other life? Why the sun is so hot, without the scientific facts? It's fun to imagine all the supernatural things about life. Because there is beauty in it all. You cannot stare into makeup and wonder what is under it all. Probably fish scales, but that is not the point.

I hope I have made you see what is true beauty. It is hard to really understand unless you look outside and sit there for hours, trying to figure out what I am talking about. But it is there. In the air.



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